After working on this for about two months now, I can gladly say that the ESReality Profiles are complete. These profiles are just a little fun thing that exposes to the readers what the "mass" posters here on are really like. Here you can find things you may not have known about a certain user… things like Sujoy’s favourite novel series is Harry Potter, MrE’s favourite chick is Kristen Scott Thomas, SiT’s favourite type of music is really bad pop, CarMac’s favourite song is Freedom by George Michael, and so on. So enjoy this read everyone.

Users Profiled: Black2lip, BLUEman, CarMac, Crim`, Daishi, DSGL, Dyna18, f|Slay, Huan, if22, melachi, MrE, seven, SiT, sizah, spork, Sujoy, Tr4nCe, and zet.
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