2017, i was really hyped about this game, i know little about it but the trailer was ok to generate some interest in me. I didn't have the machine to run the game so i stick with the old Quake Live, everyone else that i know move from QL to this or Overwatch.

2019/Today, i have the PC to give a try, it's a fun game if you just stick with deathmatch, tdm and everything else, but it has a lot of errors, like the Matchmaking, is awful, i always get match with guys who don't know anything about Quake vs tryhard guys with 1000+ hours. One of the first match i had was against a Cheater on tdm.

The sound gets muffed sometimes and it's really hard to tell where's a enemy. Teammates shares the same sounds...

Movement is so, clunky, harsh, i don't know how to tell but it feels terrible.

Maps are fucking awful, i don't know where i'm heading most of the time and feels like an AI Generated thing, there's no flow on most of the maps and some are big, CTF maps are just the same maps but with flags, lol

There's no server browser, so press a button and wait, hate that thing!

Duel matchmaking, holy fuck, i got insta-raped the two times i try it, like the only people playing duel are high elo guys. And both of the times, the same dude... there's no one maybe just pro players :)

And the list just goes on and on, man, what a waste of money! but i bet they actually win something with the Store and their prices, just lol.

What is your opinion about this, i know, is a common thread, did you had any hype of this? big expectations?