Just found on r/quakelive: https://old.reddit.com/r/QuakeLive/comments/1...abandoned/

Some dude quoted their discord:

Hi @everyone I've spent some time organizing my thoughts around the future of Project Velocity and our role in the Quake Esports space. Over the past 6 months we've spent countless hours creating a brand and product that captured the essence of the AFPS experience, thanks to <@&1171941457976905778> <@474545543784169482> <@539930087496351759> <@761697558648324156> and <@518268101218009120> <@101829452719198208> <@111593347063263232> and <@359426104760729602> we achieved something remarkable in our short time here in the Quake scene. Our vision was always a bold and creative one, one that combined the sounds and sights of the earlier days of gaming into a modern package that could attract new viewers into the AFPS space. While we were able to pivot around and more or less secure the Project Velocity tournament servers, it was widely known that the attacker spread his efforts into other community servers and impacted play for hundreds of players. The AFPS space is too small for us to try and force a round peg into a square hole - if the security of Quake Live is not conducive to rebuilding a healthy player base, then I see no reason to pour resources into a space that is so easily jeopardized. Project Velocity was entirely funded out of my own pocket, and while I was happy to do so I also have a family that have an obligation to make wise life decisions on behalf of. I do not see a world in which I can confidently sell sponsorship offerings into a league that faces constant attacks. Unfortunately, Quake Live servers are some of the flimsiest game servers I've ever come across. Frustrated is an understatement - I poured my heart into soul into organizing a project that I held so close to my heart. For now, we will keep the Project Velocity Discord server alive in the event of our return. With somewhat credible rumors of Quake 6 in the mix, we are keeping our eye on the franchise and will happily return in the event that we feel we can provide value to the community. Thank you to the thousands of players who tuned in, our incredible <@&1193666215974019173> and <@&1172304310504259604> for allowing us to explore the option of dedicated servers. We will always be rooting for the AFPS space, and will always remain a fan of the genre &#128578;

that's all folks