I feel obligated to explain myself regarding Waterwalk, about a year ago some might remember I went on a spout and said I had a "new" level in the makings, which I then of course promptly failed to release and disappeared from the face of the community again. What actually happened was that I had the level pretty much done but there was some flow issues that I wasnt able to solve, then work got came between and I lost track of it.

Anyways, realistically I don't really have the time but I feel really bad about not delivering on my promise and I feel I owe it to the community so I'm going to take another stab at it. I'm not going to promise anything (so I dont' look stupid again if I mess up again) but I really want to release it. Waterwalk does have some really cool tricks and jumps that I think would make for fun play and I would hate to abandon it. Then again I'm not sure if people still play qw that much so it's probably just as much for my sake as yours :)

So please be patient, feeling a bit pressure to live up to that darn Aerowalk and I don't want to release anything half-assed. But maybe, just maybe santa might have something for all you old quake lovers this year :)

I'll keep you updated

best regards