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Re: Get Dehumanized vol. I
Posted @ 23:44 GMT 31 Mar 2021
Nice frag movie! I haven't downloaded the file (watched on youtube) so I don'
Re: Some (old) thoughts on QL
Posted @ 22:00 GMT 20 Jan 2021
2021 calling. Nope, they most certainly didn't :-P
Re: MVNT - yet another q4 fragmovie
Posted @ 18:12 GMT 30 Sep 2020
Nice, movie, I really enjoyed it! Was good to see some Q4 again, a rare sight
Re: Greatest Single Player game of all t
Posted @ 19:36 GMT 14 Aug 2019
Kula World
Re: UK ISP Recommendations (Edinburgh)
Posted @ 07:46 GMT 22 Dec 2018
I've never heard of these chaps, but there appears to be a great deal more infor
Re: UK ISP Recommendations (Edinburgh)
Posted @ 09:39 GMT 21 Dec 2018
Aye, I had a look at Hyperoptic, and unfortunately it's just not in my area, and
UK ISP Recommendations (Edinburgh)
Posted @ 07:17 GMT 21 Dec 2018
Good Day Folks, After a very, very, very long time, I should be finishing uni
Re: QL Grudge Match: Clawz vs. Weird
Posted @ 20:04 GMT 20 Nov 2018
lol rekt :D
Re: Dreamhack Tours 2018
Posted @ 11:54 GMT 22 May 2018
I wish id software/bethesda were willing to pump money into QL, could have had s
Re: what is the ultimate origin of the u
Posted @ 21:48 GMT 17 May 2018
There may just be nothing beyond the cosmic light horizon. It may be that we ca
Re: TimConLan 5 Results & More
Posted @ 18:38 GMT 17 Apr 2018
Anyone still playing QL there?
Re: best q3 clan in q3 history?
Posted @ 20:13 GMT 4 Mar 2018
For me, it would have to be Miel. I think if one could pit any clan against o
Re: New nobap demo
Posted @ 21:05 GMT 22 Dec 2017
he seemed to fall apart whenever it came to a lan tourney though?
Re: We nearly lost our Director!
Posted @ 21:00 GMT 22 Dec 2017
We have the technology! It may sound a bit silly, but I think he's really, re
Re: cypher doing cypher things in qc cli
Posted @ 19:04 GMT 17 Dec 2017
That was the first time when watching QC that it felt like I was actually watchi
Re: New Duel format idea
Posted @ 03:44 GMT 15 Dec 2017
What about for each champion, instead of a different starting health & stack, yo
Re: I was right. It really worked out we
Posted @ 03:39 GMT 15 Dec 2017
I wonder when all the money is going to run out? It certainly isn't making
Re: new patch is out
Posted @ 03:33 GMT 15 Dec 2017
When it's got to that stage...I feel you can't really call this a quake game, wh
Re: Why does my QL cfg make sense ?
Posted @ 14:05 GMT 5 Dec 2017
can just cvar_restart to ensure consistency I guess would be the best way to han
Re: Microsoft "Classic" Intellimouse ret
Posted @ 17:57 GMT 20 Oct 2017
Judging by the fact is hasn't sold yet, I guess not! But, if you've used an m
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