House of Quake will hold a Capture the Flag League starting in early May. This is a new edition of a well-established competitive game mode and we would love as many hands on deck as we can!

Region: EU

Map pool: Spider crossings, Japanese Castles, The Dukes Garden, Ironworks, Troubled Waters, Infinity, Courtyard

Format: TBD

Teamsize: 5

For those who are interested, I would invite you to join the House of Quake discord server where there is an ongoing discussion in the CTF-league channel regarding the exact league format - forming the teams (self-initiating or draft), tournament format (Swiss format, Double round robin) and other possible settings.

There are ongoing negotiations with sponsors, but as of far, there is no prize pool.

On Thursday, 25th of April, there will be a final announcement of the league's format. Registration opens this Sunday and will close on the 28th of April. Until then, I invite you to join the discord and help us with the decision!

Links: House of Quake discord server, CTF-league channel