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Full name : Joris van Laerhoven
Alias : sizah
ESReality Status : Site Admin
Age : 17
Background : I live in a town called Almere, near to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Itís a pretty new town. I live in the district Amsterdam my whole life, I was born in Amsterdam, so I guess I am an Amsterdammer ;p. I am still on the high-school, doing exam this year. I am doing mechanical technic, We learn welding and many other things, I am in my second year. Besides gaming I like to go out, drink much in the weekends, hanging out. I used to play soccer, but for some reasons I quit that, I still like the sport much, since I am a suporter of Amsterdam Ajax. At the moment, I donít have a girl, hopefully it will change soon :)
Location : Almere, Netherlands
E-Mail Address : jrz_ciza@hotmail.com
MSN Contact : jrz_ciza@hotmail.com
ICQ : None
Looks like : Don't know
Favourite Game : Quake3
Favourite Chick : Jennifer Love Hewitt
Favourite Food : Pancakes
Favourite Music : Trance/ Hip-Hop
Favourite Song : Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake
Favourite Saying : Je sucked
Favourite Car : Mercedes
Favourite Novel : Donít have one
Favourite Movie : Green Mile and The Usual Suspects
Description :
Black2lip - "Sizah used to write columns for Cyberfight and he also organized the Cyberfight Invite tourney last September, but since a few months he stopped writing for Cyberfight and decided to give his attention and input to ESReality. Since then he's mostly pleased us with news items and great ideas. Many of these posts are related to the Clanbase Eurocup and Nations cup but thatís no surprise since his older brother HellSpaWN is supervisor of the Clanbase Eurocup and he's the coach of the dutch Q3 TDM team. I speak to him a lot online and met him a few time in real life to work out some ideas. He's one of those people who can come up with some great ideas and is always willing to help the community."
Opinions :
CarMac - "Joris is a young an energetic admin, doing lots of good with ESo for example."

bb`Crim` - "ditto"

DSGL - "uh hmm, uh.... yeah... hmmmmm... sizah.... He's doing ESo right?"

f|Slay - "He and his brother HellSpawn are in my opinion the two most underrated members of the European Q3 scene, they brought us c58i, EC6, Nations Cup Season 2 and now EC7 and the whole ESReality Online tournament....top guys.Ē

if22 - "Aaah, our Dutch organiser :d. Nice person. He tries to help the community a lot. He likes to organize on-line tournaments :P !Ē

seven - "I have no idea who this guy is."

Spork - "rhymes with rza"

Sujoy - "sizah brings something special to ESReality, real hard work and commitment to bring more esports to the readers."

BLUEman - "A dedicated ESReality user whoís intention is only good."

melachi - "I liek him because he is like the man who likes to do with the other man."

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