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Full name :
Alias :
ESReality Status : Head Admin
Age : 17
Background : Gaming addiction started at the age of four with Super Mario Bros. and Contra. Still addicted to gaming, unfortunately. Iím in my last year of High School and will be moving onto University in hopes of getting a degree in the field of medicine.
Location : Toronto, Canada
E-Mail Address : me@patryk.net
MSN Contact : pkawnik@hotmail.com
ICQ : Donít use ICQ anymore
Looks like : You tell me.
Favourite Game : Quake III Arena
Favourite Chick : None
Favourite Food : Pierogies
Favourite Music : Drum and Bass, Hard Rock
Favourite Song : Aphrodite - Heat Haze, Metallica - No Leaf Clover
Favourite Saying : Obviously © 2003
Favourite Car : Smart Roadster (I doubt that Iíd be able to fit in that car though)
Favourite Novel : In Desert and Wilderness - Henrik Sienkiewicz
Favourite Movie : Amelié
Description :
MrE - "I know Blue from ESR and evening rambles on the net. He's a conscientious type
with a thicker skin than most. He is persistent and dumb, inventive and clever and occasionally funny.
BLUEman has little regard for the type of opinion about him, as long as people have an opinion, he's
happy. BLUEman is a reliable sort, and that says quite a lot."

Opinions :
Black2lip - "Comes up with some great ideas now and then like these ESR profiles and pleasing the ESR readers with his great columns."

CarMac - "BLUEman is a nerd who thinks he can kick my ass irl :P"

bb`Crim` - "His hair in real life just isn't what I dreamed of"

DSGL - "BLUE is supposedly the only polar bear on earth that can talk. Which is somewhat endearing."

f|Slay - "Ever since he dropped the ideas of him being a pro-gamer, BLUEman has come across as a nice bloke. :p"

if22 - "He is also one of the hard-working guys behind the scenes for ESReality. I always saw to him as a serious guy, but after getting to know him a litter better, I can see his funny side as well :P. Oh and he thinks he's handsome! :)"

Seven - "Mindless overcompensation."

Spork - "Few know that BLUEman has no brain, and is controlled by the whims of his hair"

Sujoy - "We all though he was something of a nut when BLUEman first came to ESR, but I guess that shows that people can change."

zet - "Pro-gamer and spammer :p, he often has good ideas (too bad that they don't always work out), oh yeah, did i mention his hair?"

melachi - "He's blue daba de daba da.. First time I saw his nick I was like OMG HE IS A BLUE MAN. Yeah.."

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