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Full name : Brandan Garrett Bragg
Alias : seven
ESReality Status : Site Admin/Banned
Age : 19
Background : I've been playing games for 7 years now, starting with DOOM, Wolfenstein and Quake, moved to Quake II for a few days, then back to Quake (not Quakeworld). I Played Quake III: Arena for a year or so then took up Counter-Strike. Currently I'm juggling Counter-Strike with Unreal Tournament 2003, though the former seems to be taking up much more time than the latter. I've been married for 3 years and am going through my first divorce. This means that since I turned 15 I have been supporting myself through different jobs (resteraunt type stuff, tech support, hotel desk clerk, etc.). I distance myself from people because of a lack of security through my childhood, considering I'd moved around too much to really establish any sort of friendship building mindset.
Location : Ceres, CA (Tahoe City at heart)
E-Mail Address : seven@lahjik.net
MSN Contact : Don't have it
ICQ : Don't want it
Looks like : Crap
Favourite Game : Counter-Strike
Favourite Chick : uhh
Favourite Food : Chinese->Steamed Rice (it's so versatile)
Favourite Music : genre? I don't know, I'm not too big on picking favorites. Most of what I listen to can be classified as 'rock', though I enjoy modern jazz (The Cinematic Orchestra, Outside), hip-hop (Park Like Setting, A Tribe Called Quest) and lots of different others.
Favourite Song : This is pretty difficult to answer, so I'll just say that the most CDs I own by a single band is 12, and they're Pink Floyd albums. The album I find myself listening to most often of those is a toss-up between Dark Side of the Moon, Animals and A Saucerful of Secrets. The song I listen to most between those three would be close between Corporal Klegg, Dogs and Time.
Favourite Saying : none that i know of
Favourite Car : Acura Integras and/or RSXs are the cars that have grown on me the most, though I'm partial to the bmw 300 series.
Favourite Novel : Hard to say, the authors I read most are Robert A. Heinlein and Stephen R. Donaldson. Mostly philosophical type Sci-fi/Fantasy.
Favourite Movie : I'm not big on movies, though there are a few I've enjoyed. Donnie Darko and Requiem for a Dream to name a couple. I was a fan of a clockwork orange until I read the book, Burgess's preface sort of destroyed any enjoyment I got from the movie.
Description :
zet - "Seven is the funny guy. (Causing laughter or amusement, intended or designed to amuse, strangely or suspiciously odd; curious, tricky or deceitful) Nuff said? No? Ok. Seven is a long time member of ESR community (since XSRv2).
He had a short period of absence (because of real life issues), but now he's back, funnier than ever. With his trusty sidekick gmpek (user previously known as k-dawg) he fights to make ESR a better place for everyone (and probably to get rid of those who don't find him funny). If you like columns about sad things and arguements - he's your man."

Opinions :
CarMac - "He is the pest! Nah, joking. seven is one of the few Americans with free will :)

bb`Crim` - "Blatant raving homo."

DSGL - "Intelligent, handsome, funny as hell, great to talk to if you can, and he has good taste which always helps. I used to think that he was an idiot a long time ago, but somehow I got talking to him. I can't remember how though. Anyway he's very coo."

f|Slay - "Love his humour, tends to overdo it though ;)

if22 - "I am not allowed to call him names right??? Naah, just kidding! Seven is a extremely smart person, but unfortunately he is being misunderstood by most people.

Spork - "sexor of many, lover of few; both adored and abhorred by the ESR community"

Sujoy - "Love him or hate him, seven will reply if you say something dumb."

zet - "troubled, young man in a sad world"

BLUEman - "His opinions rule ESR."

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