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Full name : Radoslaw Myc
Alias : zet
ESReality Status : User Admin
Age : 24
Background : Unknown
Location : Bialystok, Poland
E-Mail Address : rad0@o2.pl
MSN Contact : None
ICQ : Don't remember
Looks like : My reflection
Favourite Game : Fallout2 & Quake3
Favourite Chick : My girl
Favourite Food : Hot & Spicy
Favourite Music : Drum & Bass, Techno
Favourite Song : The Prodigy - Claustrophobic Sting
Favourite Saying : We can do it my way or the wrong way
Favourite Car : Audi a4
Favourite Novel : Saga o Wiedzminie (The Witchers Saga) by A. Sapkowski
Favourite Movie : Leon
Description :
if22 - "Zet is a guy who likes to help as much as he can. At the same time he can be somewhat sarcastic as well. This kinda reflects the serious side and the humoristic side from zet. He posted a lot, just because he is dedicated to what he is doing. Commenting on various threads is what he likes and that's what he does (either as a User Admin as well as a person). He is one of the good guys."
Opinions :
CarMac - "Damn zet, I wanted to be the biggest Polish spammer on the site :("

bb`Crim` - "who the hell is he?"

DSGL - "We(the people) used to think he was a glitch in XSReality because this guy was on constantly. Which is good because I can go to him for help and rely on him being around most of the time. I don't know much personal stuff about him. I still think he is an electrical glitch."

seven - "Clueless undercompensation."

Spork - "one of the few who has the skill to spam more forums than me"

Sujoy - "Likes to get into arguments, but if you post as many comments as him who wouldn't?"

BLUEman - "zet stole my forum-spamming job… stupid punk… I want it back! :P"

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