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Alias : Dyna18
ESReality Status : Head Admin
Age : 23
Location : the Netherlands.
Favourite Game : Unreal Tournament
Favourite Music : Trance
Favourite Song : Café Del Mar - Energy 52
Favourite Saying : 1984 - They are just behind schedule
Favourite Movie : Léon (1994)
Description :
DSGL - "Dyna (that’s right, we’re on first name terms) seems to always be on top of things with the site. If something is wrong, I can usually bet he’ll know about it and know what’s behind it. From what I’ve seen he always tries to help as much as he can with users or the running of the site. When he was promoted to Head Admin along with Thorian a lot of us saw this as a really good move, seeing Dyna’s awareness of forum posts and his adherence to guidelines all the time mixed with Thorian’s whatever, it truly was a beautiful thing to witness. I can’t tell you the joy I had in my heart and the feeling of pride I had to be able to stand up and say: DYNA I LOVE YOU!"
Opinions :
bb`Crim` - "What should I say about you crim??"

f|Slay - "I've probably yet to witness his "Good Side", nuff said....."

if22 - "I really don't know what to write about him. As far as I know, he is a reasonable and nice guy."

Seven - "Overzealous and pretentious."

Spork - "he elected representative of UT-playing ESR admins"

Sujoy - "Dyna18 probably had most influence of all the guys that helped get this site started in the early days."

BLUEman - "I’m still lost at what the 18 part in his name represents."

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