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Full name : Joan Amat Iglesis
Alias : Huan
ESReality Status : Site admin
Age : 20
Background : ex QW, Q2 and Q3 player, i play ut2003 now in PLOF!.
Location : Barcelona, Spain
E-Mail Address : huan@barrysworld.com
MSN Contact : huan_q@hotmail.com
Favourite Game : QuakeWorld and UT2003
Favourite Chick : *.*
Favourite Food : Pa amb tomàquet
Favourite Music : Bad spanish hardcore music of the early 90's
Favourite Song : NOFX - The decline
Favourite Saying : Not designed to make you care
Favourite Car : Fatality's Ford Focus or Thresh's Ferrari.
Favourite Novel : The Tale of Beren and Lúthien from The Silmarillion
Favourite Movie : The Cube
Description :
CarMac - "As a person, Huan is friendly and at the same time serious. Whenever he writes something you could see that there is thought and reason behind it. He seems very calm in situations where others lose patience. Doesn’t talk much but whenever he does, it ain’t stupid. Our Catalan admin writes columns from time to time and those are always well weighed and reasonable. Huan has good judgement about game play and FPS games in general as he is one of the few who played about every game out there, ranging from QW to Tribes 2 and UT2. Nonetheless, if he were to be associated with one game now, it would be Q3."
Opinions :
bb`Crim` - "The man."

DSGL - "I think he is spanish?"

if22 - "One of the unknown people. Never really had the chance to talk with him."

Seven - "Confused, yet readily open individual."

Spork - "He’s from Spain, and he speaks Spanish and stuff"

Sujoy - "Huan is the wise man of ESR. When he comments on a topic, you know he is right."

BLUEman - "Another one of those shadow-lurking, baby-stealing people."

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