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Full name : R. Sundberg
Alias : melachi / rickardx
ESReality Status : Site Admin
Age : 20
Background : poker
Location : Ireland / Dublin
E-Mail Address : noway
MSN Contact : rick@fnatic.com
ICQ : 26407586
Looks like : I'm a little teapot short and stout
Favourite Game : Quake3
Favourite Chick : All I need is me and your girlfriend, me and your girlfriend.
Favourite Food : el dente pasta with the pasta sauce
Favourite Music : Pretty much everything
Favourite Song : I raaaaaan I ran so faaar awaaay, I couldn't get away...
Favourite Saying : When i was young it seemed that wanking was so wonderful, a miracle oh it was beautiful, magical, and all the birds in the trees would be singing so happily oh joyfully oh playfully watching me!
Favourite Car : BMW 8-series
Favourite Novel : Can't remember the name
Favourite Movie : Carlitos Way
Description :
Sujoy - "melachi first came to my attention when he entered a Backstreet Boys image as his XSReality wallpaper entry, albeit with 'Where Gaming Meets Reality' scrawled in bright yellow along the top. Suffice to say, since then he's been an essential part of the site bringing sanity where it was lacking and vice versa. Mostly versa. Now, as a valued member of the admin team on ESReality, melachi excels in the one-liner comments and has a wicked sense of humour. He's also one to point out the obvious, no matter how obvious it may have seemed at the time."
Opinions :
CarMac - "No matter what he sees on ESR he finds it similar to something he saw in TV."

bb`Crim` - "hungry"

DSGL - "Ol'rickardo is pretty funny and generally crazeh most of the time. I associate him with shemales for some reason:/ stems from a conversation a long time ago:x"

if22 - "Nice funny bloke.”

seven - "overachiever."

Spork - "look at his his avatar and user image and you can see that clearly he smokes crack with Sujoy"

zet - "he's crazy, and he's from mars too"

BLUEman - "The weirdest user you’ll find here."

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