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Full name : Kai Chan Vong
Alias : bb`Crim`
ESReality Status : Trusted User
Age : 19
Background : Computer games design student from London studying at Middlesbrough. Site writer for Schroet.com and Sogamed.com. Currently not playing for any clans, orga for BadBoys & manager at Bad Girls Clan.
Location : London/Middlesbrough, the United Kingdom
E-Mail Address : crim@sogamed.com
MSN Contact : None
ICQ : None
Looks like : John Romero
Favourite Game : Half Life - CS/TFC
Favourite Chick : Blue tit/Duckling
Favourite Food : Blue tit/Duckling
Favourite Music : pfff... lots
Favourite Song : Deep Purple - Sometimes I Feel
Favourite Saying : "jejej, ella tiene grandes tetas!"
Favourite Car : F-19
Favourite Novel : Neil Gainman - Sandman
Favourite Movie : Way of the Gun
Description :
Dyna18 - "Another person in the history of ESReality is Crim'. His real name is Kai Chan
Vong and during his stay on ESR (still called XSR back then) he wrote a large number of columns.
His work always showed a critical view of how the gaming world was doing. Not everybody could
appreciate that style, but a large number of visitors did, resulting in a massive 44 posted columns.
Among his works is an interview with French top Star-Craft player ElkY which unfortunately can only
be found at his new site http://www.sogamed.com . Crim' left ESR after the troubles with seven and
k-dawg took the fun out of it for him."

Opinions :
CarMac - "London > Crim'. I had to give him a tour myself."

DSGL - "Crim` is a whore:) A cool friend who has a really cool accent! His polar bear obsession I think stems from a deep psychological need for cuddling. I'm not gay. Honest."

f|Slay - "Good columnist, miss his updates."

if22 - "Sorry, I don't know you :(."

Seven - "Whiney attention seeker."

Spork - "Former big time column writer for xsr; been a while"

Sujoy - "Another of the original ESR writers who went slightly loopy and moved to another site."

BLUEman - "Crim` left ESR because he felt intimidated by my hair."

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