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Full name : Sujoy Roy
Alias : Sujoy
ESReality Status : Director
Age : 27
Background : I read Physics at Uni then went on to do Investment Banking with JP Morgan in London, then New York. Ditched the banking job to become a real Pro-Gamer while starting up the original XSReality. Pro-Gaming kinda disappeared and I moved on to become a Director of a new company called The VGA where I organize gaming tournaments.
Location : London, United Kingdom
E-Mail Address : sujoy@roy.org.uk
MSN Contact : sujoy@roy.org.uk
ICQ : Forgot the password to my original 5-digit account (and my Uni email address expired, so I didn't bother signing up again)
Looks like : Tiger Woods (I wish)
Favourite Game : Super Bomberman
Favourite Chick : Eliza Dushku
Favourite Food : Spaghetti Bolognaise
Favourite Music : Chilli Peppers
Favourite Song : Prince - Adore
Favourite Saying : The whole 'If' poem by Kipling
Favourite Car : Ferrari 360 Spider
Favourite Novel : Harry Potter series (no seriously, they're good!)
Favourite Movie : My Cousin Vinnie
Description :
sizah - "What can I write about Sujoy, that’s the major question for me now. I could write something about him in one line, It would be: Sujoy ownz, rocks, and is the best, everything what he does is good. Sujoy is a person who is made for the esport world and organizing things. First time that I have heard about Sujoy was when he was in Clan 9… that was in the beginning of Quake3. Later on, I didn't hear much about him, until I became an admin of ESR. When I joined this site, I saw a third image of Sujoy. The first image of Sujoy was as gamer, as a good gamer from clan nine. The second image of Sujoy to me was, his interviews, what he was doing for (X)ESReality, his news posts, the invite tournaments of XSReality. The third and last image what I have of Sujoy Roy is, he is the owner of the site where I write for, he is my boss. He created this site a long time ago and now I am a writer of this page. He does not write as many interviews and columns and news items, for he is more a person who is in the background. Many of the admins have nice and new idea's for the site, he is the person who makes the idea's a reality and add them to the site, which really rox. All three are great images of him."
Opinions :
Black2lip - "Founder of ESreality (formerly known as XSreality), don't think need to say much about him since everybody already know him. He's just a great guy and does a lot for the gaming community."

CarMac - "Someone we should all admire."

bb`Crim` - "Falls asleep during any conversation."

DSGL - "Great guy all round! I don't think I've ever disagreed with anything he has done although that may be because he is god and I don't want to argue with him."

f|Slay - "One of the godfathers of eSports reporting, even though he hasn´t covered any tournament for some time now he's still helping”

if22 - "This guy deserves a lot of credit. The amount of time he has put into the gaming scene is unbelievable.”

seven - "Slightly restricted by circumstance, but he has the right idea."

Spork - "I swear, Sujoy is either on crack, or lives off of coffee ice cream and jolt cola"

zet - "a man respected by probably every member of esr community - and he truly deserves that"

BLUEman - "Perfect example of who to adore… Sujoy is very committed to the eSports scene and all on ESReality love him for that."

melachi - "Men want him and girls want to be like him, he's a sexy beast. I first met him when he kicked me off clan 9 server to play hakeem in a duel, I felt so violated.. dominated.. it felt so good. He can violate me anyday."

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