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Full name : Lemme de Groot
Alias : if22
ESReality Status : Site Admin
Age : 19
Background : Started with Quake3 in 2000
and joined ESR in 2001.
Location : The Netherlands
E-Mail Address : if_22@hotmail.com
MSN Contact : if_22@hotmail.com
ICQ : None
Looks like : Pascal Boschaart... haha
Favourite Game : Command and Conquer series
Favourite Chick : Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Love
Hewitt, Jennifer Anniston
Favourite Food : Rice with chicken and Curry!
Favourite Music : Trance / R&B
Favourite Song : Remy Shands - Message in a Bottle and some trance track
Favourite Saying : HEHE
Favourite Car : Porsche
Favourite Novel : I don't read that much!
Favourite Movie : Hard one, but I like the James Bond series.
Description :
melachi - "You might've seen various quake3 related
material posted here on ESR by if22. This is however no surprise since he's our
top Q3 guy. We are proud of having one of the best European q3 duellers as an
admin here on ESR. He is contributing with a lot to keep Quake 3 alive,
participating in entertaining online invitational 1v1's. He certainly adds a
lot of character to the Q3 ESR Community."

Opinions :
Black2lip - "My dutch Q3 hero :) never got a chance to meet
him in real life but he seems like a person with a great personality. Respect
for all that he has achieved with Q3."

CarMac - "Very good player, knows a lot of people. I stole
him from cached hahaha!"

bb`Crim` - "makes you wonder what happened about if1 - 21..."

f|Slay - "Probably the only one of the
"Profiled" ESR members that can actually play some serious Quake -
also did a top job on the EYE-Challenge."

seven - "I don't really know him, but jets are pretty cool."

Spork - "he plays q3, but more
importantly, he uploads demos and stuff"

Sujoy - "The original flying
Dutchman of the Quake 3 scene. iF22 has a short temper but makes some great

zet - "player of a great skill and contributor of
quality content, a mix rarely seen on esr"

BLUEman - "His thoughts never get in the way of his reason…
I admire that."

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