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Full name : Michal Blicharz
Alias : CarMac
ESReality Status : Head Admin
Age : 22
Background : My nerdiness really started with Amiga games. Today, I don't play single player games at all (I like to say that they got boring but there ain't many games you can play on a 266 CPU nowadays). Instead, I play UT (earned a lot of dislike in the Polish scene) and follow Q3. I've been writing on XSR/ESR since early 2000. As for offline things, I am starting as a coach in judo and still play ref and compete from time to time. I waste lots of time on music, films and sports in general. I don't drink nor smoke - a nerd, as mentioned.
Location : Kielce, Poland
E-Mail Address : carmac@o2.pl
MSN Contact : What's that?
ICQ : 85179030
Looks like : You look like sloth from 'Seven' © SiT 2003
Favourite Game : Sensible World of Soccer and Cannon Fodder (both Amiga versions!)
Favourite Chick : Not tellin!
Favourite Food : Italian cuisine
Favourite Music : Lots of genres, hard to pick just one
Favourite Song : I'd hate to pick one but if I had to: Freedom - George Michael
Favourite Saying : Do wora lamo!
Favourite Car : Don't care about cars very much
Favourite Novel : Don't have one
Favourite Movie : Don't have one, perhaps Rounders or FDE2
Description :
Spork - "CarMac, aka Michal Blicharz is a Polish Pole from Poland. Recently he changed his
name from CarMac to CarMak, so donít get confused, itís still him... And no he is NOT John Carmack
from ID software. Most apparently, CarMac is known to ESR users as one of the head admins for the
site. His contributions to the site include twenty-some columns covering various topics. He is also
the author of the ambitious XSDictionary, a slang dictionary of sorts covering everything from the
meaning of afaik to ycasmd. Some of you may remember when CarMac and MrE went on posting sprees
trying to one-up each other in quality and quantity. This resulted in a spamtastic race up the ranks
of the popularity scale. For this and for his constant contributions, CarMac sits at the throne as
the single most popular user on ESR with a whopping 84%. As noted by himself on his profile, Carmac
resides in controversy. He is constantly giving his thoughts on subjects like the endless CS vs
Quake battle Exodus and more recently, the CPLís butchery of the UT2003 tournament The Witch Hunt
2 and the ESR forums. Love or hate him, CarMac is here helping the site run smoothly with quality

Opinions :
Black2lip - "Think almost everybody also know CarMac, he's been dominating the ESR popularity list for a long time now and writes many great column for ESR."

bb`Crim` - "Dance mix master @ the London arcades"

DSGL - "He's helped me with a number of things to do with a number of things and from what I've known him to be like I think he's pretty decent. Although he likes judo."

f|Slay - "In between David vs. Goliath fights against The CPL and Angel Munoz, he sits down and produces some fancy columns and coverages, good stuff."

if22 - "CarMac likes to get attention. This is not a bad thing. Not at all. It's his motivation for the great work he is doing for ESReality."

Seven - "I've never seen brightness hidden so well."

Spork - "The man with the opinions; you wonít notice that heís cut you until a week after you read his columns"

Sujoy - "Carmac's impersonation of a dodgy British lout are laughable at best."

Zet - "You'll never guess what'll be the topic of his next column, but you'll probably like it anyway :p"

BLUEman - "Thinks heís tough shit... but heís not. I could take him on :P"

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