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Full name : Richard Elliott
Alias : MrE
ESReality Status : Site Admin/User Admin
Age : 29
Background : Worked with the mentally ill for nearly a decade. Went to India for 4 months. Currently training up for the Police.
Location : Warwickshire, United Kingdom
E-Mail Address : rb_elliott@hotmail.com
MSN Contact : rb_elliott@hotmail.com
ICQ : None
Looks like : A big unit
Favourite Game : Quake3
Favourite Chick : Kristen Scott Thomas
Favourite Food : Steak, Mushrooms, Potatoes hmmm :)
Favourite Music : Chilli Peppers
Favourite Song : Psycho Sexy or summat
Favourite Saying : You’re nicked
Favourite Car : Any
Favourite Novel : Lord of the Rings
Favourite Movie : Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Description :
CarMac - "MrE is a thoughtful big fellow with a cool father and a gorgeous son. He is a born FFA player with ambitions to become a duelist some day. Richard has a real talent for writing, his pieces read easily and with pleasure."
Opinions :
bb`Crim` - "He loves coca cola.. but everyone knows that"

DSGL - "MrE is a great guy, when him and seven used to go at it in irc I laughed a lot:). I really enjoy most of his columns! and he's taller than me."

f|Slay - "When he's around his updates are usually top class.”

if22 - "Contributes a lot to ESR, and my personal confrontations with him are very positive. He doesn't mind giving someone else the credit for what he has done! Great guy.”

seven - "I've never seen brightness so well emulated."

Spork - "that dude with a son; writes columns and is CarMac’s twin brother, separated at birth"

Sujoy - "It's amazing the talent that you can find when you give people the power to contribute - MrE wrote a long reply on a forum one day, and found himself a member of staff the next. Has been producing the most amazing articles since."

zet - "i really miss him and his columns, if i were an evil person i'd wish him to lose his job :p"

BLUEman - "This is the person I look up to, what more can I say?"

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