A few months ago, Spain Sombra was found guilty of cheating in the Euro Open Cup with proofs he provided himself. This year we had to go over this kind of situation again in the Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM. The captain of the Russian team, Russia Zubich, was proved guilty of cheating in the match against the Austrian team.

The whole admin team carefully checked his demos and we are now all convinced that he was using cheats. Therefor we decided to give Austria Austria a default win (worth 3 points) for this match. Since the Russian players (from team fall1) also watched his demos, approved of the cheating and apologized to me, I won't penalize the Russian team but only its captain, Russia Zubich. He is now banned from the quakequickcup.com and quake.cz tournaments. Team Russia will remain in the Nations Cup and its new captain is now ChinaRussia Zhibo "Jibo" Fan.

He is also added on my list of cheaters