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Coverage: QNC'09
QNC Q3 TDM - standings (106 comments)
Posted by xou @ 16:00 CDT, 23 May 2009 - iMsg
The Quake Nations Cup Quake 3 TDM is now over after the Grand Final between France France and Russia Russia was played tonight. Thanks to all the teams and players who participated in this cup and to all the people who helped with it!

Final standings
- cup_gold 1st. France France
- cup_silver 2nd. Russia Russia
- cup_bronze 3rd. Sweden Sweden
- 4th. Poland Poland
- 6th. Austria Austria & Germany Germany
- 8th. Czech Republic Czech Republic & Netherlands Netherlands

More infos: Brackets - IRC: mIRC #quakequickcup
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Quake Nations Cup - The Finals (16 comments)
Posted by JohnNy_cz @ 18:30 CDT, 28 March 2009 - iMsg
The QuakeWorld Quake Nations Cup 2009 has now reached its final encounter. This Sunday the final battle between Finland Finland and Netherlands Netherlands will take place. The match is scheduled for 13:00 CDT and will be broadcasted on QuakeTV. Also you can bet on the game on Goldrush.

Here you can watch the live stream

You can read the full preview on
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Nations Cup 2009 Group awards (39 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 17:44 CST, 1 March 2009 - iMsg
Best team: France France. Despite losing one map against Iceland, they seemed very stable and in good shape. First position in their group was well deserved.

Worst team: Slovenia Slovenia. Going through some problems at the beginning, this team was able to play all the matches, but ended up losing the games by huge score difference.

Most reliable team: Germany Germany. Germany Doz3r has proven as a very capable captain and scheduled all of his team matches precisely.

Least reliable team: Belgium Belgium, without any doubt. This team wasnt able to communicate even with admins and the avarage response time was a matter of days.

Best match: There were several adepts to this award, but we chose Russia Russia vs United Kingdom United Kingdom. I hope youll agree with me that this was a special game.

Worst luck: United Kingdom United Kingdom. They won 3 matches, but didnt advance to the playoffs. This is what you call a bad luck.

Most whining team: The behaviour of some Croatia Croatian players was close to what you would expect to see in a special school schoolyard. Bad language, inappropriate manner, whining, ragequitting
and more. We all know the names that ensured this "award" is going to Croatia Croatia.

Most valuable player: United Kingdom Deus, the leader and flagbearer of the United Kingdom United Kingdom.

Biggest surprise: Game between Poland Poland and Netherlands Holland. The dutch team won over the favorite and many ESR betters went bunkrupt.

Best admin: Id like say THANKS to the whole admin team for your great work. But since this award can only have one winner, Im gonna choose Czech Republic eJo, for his match scheduling and GTV work.
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QNC Q3 TDM - The playoffs (26 comments)
Posted by xou @ 10:29 CST, 20 February 2009 - iMsg
The Quake Nations Cup Quake 3 TDM has now reached its playoff stage after that last group match between Poland and Hungary was played last Sunday. For the 8 qualified nations, the next step is now a double bracket with best-of-3 matches. Here are the 1st round encounters:
- Sweden Sweden vs Germany Germany - 14:00 CST, 25 February 2009 (bet)
- France France vs Czech Republic Czech Republic - 13:00 CST, 26 February 2009 (bet)
- Austria Austria vs Netherlands Netherlands - 14:30 CST, 3 March 2009 (bet)
- Poland Poland vs Russia Russia - Unscheduled
All these matches will be broadcasted on GTV. The dates and times are still subject to change and the news will be updated as often as needed. If you happen to be the captain of a nation which hasn't scheduled its match yet: you know what to do, so do it now!

More infos: Brackets - IRC: mIRC #quakequickcup - Scorebot: mIRC #qqc.scores
GTV: &
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QNC Q3 TDM - Last group match (30 comments)
Posted by xou @ 03:20 CST, 16 February 2009 - iMsg
The last group A match, which was wildcard'd yesterday evening, will decide which ones of Poland Poland, Netherlands Netherlands or Hungary Hungary will have the chance to get into the playoffs of the cup:
16:00 CST, 18 February 2009: Poland Poland vs Hungary Hungary (bet) - week5
More infos: Groups - mIRC #quakequickcup - Scorebot: mIRC #qqc.scores
GTV: &
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QNC - QuakeWorld - Warming Up (No comments)
Posted by Hawr1x @ 05:44 CST, 31 January 2009 - iMsg
Another week passed really fast, I was able to damage another car during it, and what is important, we are here with some updates and info about the Quake Nations Cup.
Quake Live hits us really directly and we were able to watch really impressive games on Monday. Same it was for Quake 3 competitions and its "bloody Sunday". Quake World is starting basic groups along with Quake 4. And what does Quake 2 says about it?

Belgium Malice is also started interviews marathon with Quake Live captains and you will be able to check them here.

qwcz QuakeWorld is starting Basic Groups by its first week on this Sunday.
The tourney will be opened at 13:00 CDT by match Czech Republic Czech Republic -vs- Germany Germany. Defenders of QNC QW title, team Finland Finland will fight with Poland Poland and the schedule will continue by another two games one hour later. Denmark Denmark will face Netherlands Netherlands and Hungary Hungary play against Norway Norway.
q2cz Quake 2 NDML was cancelled and nobody gives me note, that they wants to play. Discussion.
q3cz Quake 3 got Week 4 Matches ready and scheduled, you can place some bets as well.
GTVs are ready and operational. Admins take all the stuff easy and there will be ShoutCasted game in CzEnglish!
q4cz Quake 4 Nations Cup will be open tomorrow by the game Czech Republic Czech Quake -vs- Sweden Sweden. We are really looking forward to it.
Sweden is defending champion and we want to show them, how we improved our skills (especially talkative) before this season. Week 1 & Week 2 Games. Quake Live started Week 1 and we were witnesses of really amazing games.
You can check the results on this page and here are Week 2 games that are right now scheduling. I would like to pick up simply amazing game United Kingdom United Kingdom -vs- Poland Poland where 3 maps and 2 sudden deaths push team Poland B to basic groups of Quake Nations Cup.

qwcz QuakeWorld ::: q2cz Quake 2 ::: q3cz Quake 3 ::: q4cz Quake 4 ::: Quake Live
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Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM - Week 3 (34 comments)
Posted by xou @ 04:10 CST, 25 January 2009 - iMsg
Since it's already Wednesday, it's about time to post something about the 3rd week of the Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM! Some matches from the 1st and 2nd weeks still haven't been played, but most of them already have a date now. The sad point is that only 2 games of the 3rd week are already scheduled. Anyway, here is what you can expect shortly:
: Thursday 29th, 15:00 CDT: Poland Poland / Slovakia Slovakia (bet)
: Sunday 1st, 13:00 CDT: Germany Germany / Slovenia Slovenia (bet)

Once again, the dates and times are still subject to change and the news will be updated as often as needed. If you happen to be the captain of a nation which hasn't scheduled its match yet, it's definitely time to shake your bootie!

More infos: Website - mIRC #quakequickcup - Scorebot: mIRC #qqc.scores
GTV: Europe & United States of America
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QNC - Get ready for Quake Live & Quake 4 (6 comments)
Posted by Hawr1x @ 07:27 CST, 24 January 2009 - iMsg
The next competitions of the Quake Nations Cup are starting really soon. Quake Live and Quake 4 are coming up. Quake 2 and QuakeWorld are still in phase of sign-ups and what is going on in Quake 3 is available in several great coverages all around. Quake Live is hosting 16 teams divided into 4 groups. There will be one qualifier round for B Squads of United Kingdom and Poland.
- This game is supposed to be played on Monday. You can find out more at IRC channel
q4cz Quake 4 welcome 5 nations and there will only be one group, in which all teams will face each other. 4 teams will advance to play-off.
- Quake Live and Quake 4 matches will be casted in CzEnglish, if you know somebody, who can do it in real English, let us know.
q3cz Quake 3 The admins will face a challenge this Sunday, because there are 7 games going on almost simultaneously.
- Be sure to check schedule and place some bets!
q2cz Quake 2 seems to be somehow canceled, because there aren't enough teams.
- I don't know nothing about the Quake 2 scene to be true, but if team captains would like to play Nations Cup in Quake 2, let me know and we might figure out how to start this competition as well.
qwcz QuakeWorld sign ups are almost ove with 7 teams in, we may expect some great games there.
- Thanks to JohnNy_cz for his great work with this cup.

Good luck & have fun in the Quake Nations Cups and enjoy the games!

qwcz QuakeWorld ::: q2cz Quake 2 ::: q3cz Quake 3 ::: q4cz Quake 4 ::: Quake Live
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QNC - QuakeWorld & Signup Reminder (9 comments)
Posted by Hawr1x @ 08:04 CST, 17 January 2009 - iMsg
Quake Nations Cup 2009 is getting closer and closer to start in another two games and a 3rd one is opening its Sign Ups!

qwcz QuakeWorld Nations Cup is opening on 19th January and all nations got exactly ONE WEEK to Register to Czech Republic JohnNy_cz, who will be the head admin.
All important information about QuakeWorld is available on the official Tournament Page so check it out!

q2cz Quake 2 NDML is in the middle of the Sign Up period. So far, there are 8 national teams in it. Little birdie told me that the registration will be open till the end of January, so spread the info about QNC everywhere you can.

q3cz Quake 3 admins have caught the first cheater, so team Russia gets a new captain, mr.Jibo! check out the Der Quaker Interview.
We were able to see some great games on GTV during the first two weeks of competition and if you have missed some matches, you can check all the results and demos on the official Tournament Page.

q4cz Quake 4 and Quake Live Sign Up period is coming to its end and the last possibility for you and your national team to be part of this season's QNC is Sunday 18th January.
Right now, there are 5 teams in Quake 4 and 13 teams in Quake Live. If you still want to play, just check out this post.

BTW: Be sure, that the NO HUNTING SiGN is currently very well guarded :-)

qwcz QuakeWorld ::: q2cz Quake 2 ::: q3cz Quake 3 ::: q4cz Quake 4 ::: Quake Live
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Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM - Week 2 (41 comments)
Posted by xou @ 13:13 CST, 12 January 2009 - iMsg
The first week of the Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM is behind us, excepted for 2 late encounters. It is now time to have a look at the second round of the group stage with the following matches:
: Thursday 15th, 16:00 CDT: Germany German / Belarus Belarus (bet)
: Thursday 15th, 16:30 CDT: Poland Poland / Spain Spain (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 15:00 CDT: United Kingdom United Kingdom / Croatia Croatia (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 15:00 CDT: Sweden Sweden / Denmark Denmark (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 15:15 CDT: Hungary Hungary / Netherlands Netherlands (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 16:00 CDT: Russia Russia / Ukraine Ukraine

Not scheduled - Belgium Belgium / Czech Republic Czech Rep.
Not scheduled - France France / Slovenia Slovenia

Wildcarded & not scheduled - Belgium Belgium / Serbia Serbia
The dates and times are still subject to change and the news will be updated as often as needed. If you happen to be the captain of a nation which hasn't scheduled its match yet, please get involved!

Note that the signups for the Quake 4 and the Quakelive Nations Cups 2009 TDM are still opened on (CzEnglish can be hard to understand)!

GTV:, or
IRC: mIRC #quakequickcup - Scorebot: mIRC #qqc.scores
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Zubich banned for life (217 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 11:32 CST, 9 January 2009 - iMsg
A few months ago, Spain Sombra was found guilty of cheating in the Euro Open Cup with proofs he provided himself. This year we had to go over this kind of situation again in the Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM. The captain of the Russian team, Russia Zubich, was proved guilty of cheating in the match against the Austrian team.

The whole admin team carefully checked his demos and we are now all convinced that he was using cheats. Therefor we decided to give Austria Austria a default win (worth 3 points) for this match. Since the Russian players (from team fall1) also watched his demos, approved of the cheating and apologized to me, I won't penalize the Russian team but only its captain, Russia Zubich. He is now banned from the and tournaments. Team Russia will remain in the Nations Cup and its new captain is now ChinaRussia Zhibo "Jibo" Fan.

He is also added on my list of cheaters
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Long story shorter ... (1 comment)
Posted by Hawr1x @ 16:25 CST, 7 January 2009 - iMsg
Be part of Quake history, get your name and your national team on NO HUNTING SiGN!

I declare the Quake Nations Cup open!

Good Luck & Have Fun!

Long Story :: qwcz QuakeWorld ::: q2cz Quake 2 ::: q3cz Quake 3 ::: q4cz Quake 4 ::: Quake Live
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Quake Nations Cup 2009 (9 comments)
Posted by Hawr1x @ 15:30 CST, 6 January 2009 - iMsg
Last year, we were able to watch first year when Quake Nations Cup competitions and winning nations found themselves on NO HUNTING SiGN Trophy. Right now, there is list of 3 best countries in every game of last season.
When all Quake competitions will finish this year, we will change current list of countries on NO HUNTING sign by metal plaquette for each game with basic lineup of Nations Cup winners and second set of lists for this year winners will be added.
I hope, that one day, you will see my point of creating NO HUNTING SiGN as a Trophy for Quake Nations Cup

qwcz Quake World competition will probably start during February.

q2cz Quake 2 NDML 9 has opened its gate and you are free to sign up your national team. All info needed can be found here at NDML Official Page.
First round of Basic Groups will be starting on 26th January.
There are already Poland Poland, Spain Spain and United Kingdom UK National Team in the game and, as usual, really strong admin team: Slovakia wision, Belgium Gravgon and Lithuania __d34d.

q3cz Quake 3 competition's already began with the first round of Basic Groups, you can check out all the upcoming matches right here.

We are also opening Sign Ups for q4cz Quake 4 TDM and Quake Live TDM competitions.

The deadline to sign up is the 11th of January. The captains of each team have to send registration email to [email protected] in following way:
Subject: QNC2009 - GAME - Team Jamaica
Text: name "nick" surname - clan - IRC - ICQ
- To all national teams will be prepared special page such as for Czech and Spain
You are free to send me your own national banners in PNG or JPG with width 490 and height up to 123px.

First round of Basic Groups will be starting on 18th January.

qwcz QuakeWorld ::: q2cz Quake 2 ::: q3cz Quake 3 ::: q4cz Quake 4 ::: Quake Live
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Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM - Week 1 (29 comments)
Posted by xou @ 10:53 CST, 6 January 2009 - iMsg
The Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM is about to kick off tomorrow with its first match. With 4 groups of 5 teams, you can then expect 8 matches per week during 6 weeks. Here is the schedule for the first (note that dates are subject to change):
- Wednesday 15:00 CDT - Germany Germany / Iceland Iceland & Ukraine Ukraine / Croatia Croatia
- Thursday 14:00 CDT - Russia Russia / Austria Austria
- Sunday 14:00 CDT - Netherlands Netherlands / Spain Spain (forced) & Belarus Belarussia / Slovenia Slovenia (forced)
- Sunday 15:00 CDT - Denmark Denmark / Czech Republic Czech Rep
- Sunday 15:30 CDT - Hungary Hungary / Slovakia Slovakia
Belgium Belgium already used wildcard for their first match againt Serbia Serbia. About Poland Poland, Sweden Sweden, France France and United Kingdom United Kingdom, they will play their first match during Week 2 since the groups are made of 5 teams each.

GTV: or - #quakequickcup - #qqc.scores (scorebot channel)
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