*) spinning logo
1) 3k viewers
2) coked out paki & soyboy cosplay caster
2.5) 4k viewers
3) boring games
3.5) casters talkin bout how good qc is
4) annoying midget girl out of mordor caster
5) boring games
5.5) 5k viewers
6) boring games
7) guy with a big fucking beard saying vengeur living the dream cuz he got to play wiht a legend like base during c58 vs play to improve
8) c58 vs play2improve really close games cuz both teams have a cheater on roster, suspense is immense
8.5) casters talkin bout how good qc is
9) boring games
*) logged in to qc to get the qcon skin
*) skin looks like shit

feel free to add your impressions, I will update the main post so we can have best possible coverage of all time.