The biggest quake tournament we’ve seen in many years, the Quake World Championship, is coming to an end at the final day of tournaments action in Quakecon 2017. This is the end of the line, the grand finals, there’s no longer room for gambling or doubt anymore, it's time to win, and get a place on the glorious list of the biggest champions in Quake history

Stay tuned for more action in Saturday 26th at 09:00 CDT

Brackets: Sacrifice Bracket, Duel Bracket
Live streams: twitch Quakechampions (main stream), twitch Quakechampions 2 (2nd stream), twitch Russian Stream, twitch Quakecon, twitch Bethesda
Links: Quakecon Home, Quakecon 2017 guidebook, Toornament, Team Liquid Wiki, tweet @QuakeCon
VODS: ytube Quake Champions PRO, ytube Poloz QuakeTV