It's time! The day has finally come for the Quake World Championship at QuakeCon 2017. Players from all around the world will come to United States of America Dallas, Texas for a chance to compete for a $1 million prize pool. In the last past years (with the declining of Quake at the e-sports main reflector) players have been competing mostly for legacy and glory only, and even one French man said that the game was too old already that no one had nothing to prove anymore. Well, now this is a whole new game and a whole new field, the big money is back and along with it is also the big and fierce competition. This also will be the first Quakecon to feature the new Quake title from id: Quake Champions, some strange version of the long awaited Quake 5, and pretty much the last opportunity for the Quake franchise to get back to the big stages of competitive gaming.

Brackets: Sacrifice Bracket, Duel Bracket
Live streams: twitch Quakechampions (main stream), twitch Quakechampions 2 (2nd stream), twitch Russian Stream, twitch Quakecon, twitch Bethesda
Links: Quakecon Home, Quakecon 2017 guidebook, Toornament, Team Liquid Wiki, tweet @QuakeCon