Hi wotsup. What you are about to see is the progression of the proverbial competition between the troll-minded and the deluded.

To start this story, I would have to go back one week, and to when a couple of friends told me about an upcoming q3 noghost tournament. "I love instagib" I thought and decided to go on and register & find out what it's all about.

After speaking with the admin about this particular cup and finding out that every player must have a mandatory "Memorial" written in his image, I asked him if that is really necessary. What followed is a 50-message lecture on the importance of those memorials and how they are needed to find out about players, and how it is needed. At that point me and several friends who run PNS-tv were also, on the mediation of some friends who like to see us cast, were in talks to cover some games.

Casting instagib is thankless work, since no-one apart your friends watches those events+once you mentioned the clans, the players, the history and the score, the play-by-play coverage becomes slightly tedious, so you could see we were sceptical at best, but we were surprised at how the talks went, due to the admin having some progressive, but borderline fucked ideas.

And at the same time, I started writing my memorial. I enjoy creative writing, saw that mostly it was a bunch of non-native speakers writing stuff like "helo I Boris I Russia I like NOGHOST I play I win match was much fun win match))) I Moscow)))" and I figured I'd write something light-hearted but funny and nonchalant. That memorial was proven so "popular" that some other friends wanted help with their memorials too. What then follows is a barrage of flash fiction along with minor trolling. The best part was, pretty much all (apart for the last two) of those memorials were approved by the admin (oh yea, you need to have the post approved by an admin before it is shown lol).

Then my team was removed for the official reason of "posting pornography" which is a half-truth at best, and I am pretty sure that the memorials of me and my friends were removed, despite lack of actual pornographic content (I have no confirmation of that, but it is in the mold of the autocratic Nazi-like admin of that place).

Anyways, here are the actual memorials presented in JPEG format as a gallery, in chronological format, with comments about what I was thinking of, and the creative process behind each one))