Since it's already Wednesday, it's about time to post something about the 3rd week of the Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM! Some matches from the 1st and 2nd weeks still haven't been played, but most of them already have a date now. The sad point is that only 2 games of the 3rd week are already scheduled. Anyway, here is what you can expect shortly:
·: Thursday 29th, 15:00 CDT: Poland Poland / Slovakia Slovakia (bet)
·: Sunday 1st, 13:00 CDT: Germany Germany / Slovenia Slovenia (bet)

Once again, the dates and times are still subject to change and the news will be updated as often as needed. If you happen to be the captain of a nation which hasn't scheduled its match yet, it's definitely time to shake your bootie!

More infos: Website - mIRC #quakequickcup - Scorebot: mIRC #qqc.scores
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