Last year, we were able to watch first year when Quake Nations Cup competitions and winning nations found themselves on NO HUNTING SiGN Trophy. Right now, there is list of 3 best countries in every game of last season.
When all Quake competitions will finish this year, we will change current list of countries on NO HUNTING sign by metal plaquette for each game with basic lineup of Nations Cup winners and second set of lists for this year winners will be added.
I hope, that one day, you will see my point of creating NO HUNTING SiGN as a Trophy for Quake Nations Cup

qwcz Quake World competition will probably start during February.

q2cz Quake 2 NDML 9 has opened its gate and you are free to sign up your national team. All info needed can be found here at NDML Official Page.
First round of Basic Groups will be starting on 26th January.
There are already Poland Poland, Spain Spain and United Kingdom UK National Team in the game and, as usual, really strong admin team: Slovakia wision, Belgium Gravgon and Lithuania __d34d.

q3cz Quake 3 competition's already began with the first round of Basic Groups, you can check out all the upcoming matches right here.

We are also opening Sign Ups for q4cz Quake 4 TDM and Quake Live TDM competitions.

The deadline to sign up is the 11th of January. The captains of each team have to send registration email to [email protected] in following way:
Subject: QNC2009 - GAME - Team Jamaica
Text: name "nick" surname - clan - IRC - ICQ
- To all national teams will be prepared special page such as for Czech and Spain
You are free to send me your own national banners in PNG or JPG with width 490 and height up to 123px.

First round of Basic Groups will be starting on 18th January.

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