Quake Nations Cup 2009 is getting closer and closer to start in another two games and a 3rd one is opening its Sign Ups!

qwcz QuakeWorld Nations Cup is opening on 19th January and all nations got exactly ONE WEEK to Register to Czech Republic JohnNy_cz, who will be the head admin.
All important information about QuakeWorld is available on the official Tournament Page so check it out!

q2cz Quake 2 NDML is in the middle of the Sign Up period. So far, there are 8 national teams in it. Little birdie told me that the registration will be open till the end of January, so spread the info about QNC everywhere you can.

q3cz Quake 3 admins have caught the first cheater, so team Russia gets a new captain, mr.Jibo! check out the Der Quaker Interview.
We were able to see some great games on GTV during the first two weeks of competition and if you have missed some matches, you can check all the results and demos on the official Tournament Page.

q4cz Quake 4 and QuakeLive.cz Quake Live Sign Up period is coming to its end and the last possibility for you and your national team to be part of this season's QNC is Sunday 18th January.
Right now, there are 5 teams in Quake 4 and 13 teams in Quake Live. If you still want to play, just check out this post.

BTW: Be sure, that the NO HUNTING SiGN is currently very well guarded :-)

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