Another week passed really fast, I was able to damage another car during it, and what is important, we are here with some updates and info about the Quake Nations Cup.
Quake Live hits us really directly and we were able to watch really impressive games on Monday. Same it was for Quake 3 competitions and its "bloody Sunday". Quake World is starting basic groups along with Quake 4. And what does Quake 2 says about it?

Belgium Malice is also started interviews marathon with Quake Live captains and you will be able to check them here.

qwcz QuakeWorld is starting Basic Groups by its first week on this Sunday.
The tourney will be opened at 13:00 CDT by match Czech Republic Czech Republic -vs- Germany Germany. Defenders of QNC QW title, team Finland Finland will fight with Poland Poland and the schedule will continue by another two games one hour later. Denmark Denmark will face Netherlands Netherlands and Hungary Hungary play against Norway Norway.
q2cz Quake 2 NDML was cancelled and nobody gives me note, that they wants to play. Discussion.
q3cz Quake 3 got Week 4 Matches ready and scheduled, you can place some bets as well.
GTVs are ready and operational. Admins take all the stuff easy and there will be ShoutCasted game in CzEnglish!
q4cz Quake 4 Nations Cup will be open tomorrow by the game Czech Republic Czech Quake -vs- Sweden Sweden. We are really looking forward to it.
Sweden is defending champion and we want to show them, how we improved our skills (especially talkative) before this season. Week 1 & Week 2 Games. Quake Live started Week 1 and we were witnesses of really amazing games.
You can check the results on this page and here are Week 2 games that are right now scheduling. I would like to pick up simply amazing game United Kingdom United Kingdom -vs- Poland Poland where 3 maps and 2 sudden deaths push team Poland B to basic groups of Quake Nations Cup.

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