When: Jan 24 - Mar 17 (8 week event)
Where: Online (North America)
Who: QFL | Quake for Life CTF League
Total prize money : $500 + any community donations

Currently 56/60 confirmed participants as of this post. 4 spots remain. Must be present on QFL discord to participate.

NA CTF Pickup games will also occur in our Discord regularly throughout this event on our official Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Virginia servers. We welcome and encourage new/returning players to join our CTF community.

Format: 4 week Swiss, 4-week Single Elim Bracket, completing in 8 weeks.

Playoff Map Pool: Ironworks, Infinity, Spider Crossings, Noir, Cold Cathode, Antacid, Gospel Crossings

Registration: https://www.quakectf.com/signup

Brackets / Results:
- Official website: https://www.quakectf.com/
- Discord: https://www.quakectf.com/discord
- Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/quakectf