The Quake Live CTF LAN will take place 2224th of March 2024. The venue will be the newest Skillzone LAN centre in Czech Republic Prague. Further details bellow:

Date: 22.-24.3.2024
Location: Prague, Czechia
Gamemode: 5v5 CTF & Duel
Format: CTF is Groupstage BO1, top4 BO3 single elimination bracket after. Duel double elimination bo3 bracket.
- CTF Map pool: spidercrossings, japanesecastles, ironworks, infinity, troubledwaters
- 1v1 Map pool: aerowalk, bloodrun, lost world, hektic, cure, t7
Prize pool: 800 + many many product goodies.

Sponsors: Surfshark, Artisan, ASUS CZ, Starobrno Brewery, Zichovec family brewery, Dullik, Quake Pub