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The problem is that most of that so called dark and evil music isn't dark and the "power" that it is supposed to harness is nothing but shit. The music is shit. The enlightenment is shit. It is filled with shit. The punters are not true mandala vandals.

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Re: czm solves subconvexity problem, rel
Posted @ 16:11 GMT 15 Jan 2022
You do understand that the Fields medal stuff was just hyperbole by the author?
Re: czm solves subconvexity problem, rel
Posted @ 09:21 GMT 15 Jan 2022
Yeah, total bush league stuff compared to e.g you
Re: which game impressed you to the bott
Posted @ 10:26 GMT 29 Nov 2021
Bloodborne, such a ridiclously well made game, the art, gameplay, music and gene
Re: Any old school early 2000 members st
Posted @ 12:21 GMT 25 Oct 2021
Mid-2000s noob here, I lurked for several years though. And yes, this site prett
Re: First person shooter games question!
Posted @ 05:29 GMT 10 Sep 2021
It's a spam bot, why just not ban it altogether?
Re: Quake Live: A Review From Personal E
Posted @ 09:57 GMT 8 Aug 2021
The Plasto quote really gives this the necessary intellectual gravitas.
Re: Cheater - QuakeLive PQL player MAGA
Posted @ 21:32 GMT 22 Jul 2021
Check out his blog, 100% crazy:
Re: Make, something like a Quake Battle
Posted @ 18:13 GMT 14 Jul 2021
I want Quake strip poker, instead of money you would play it for Frag$, which yo
Re: For how long does the new QCK smell
Posted @ 15:34 GMT 9 Jul 2021
Remember all those legendary OSP matches you played with your old one back in 20
Re: Quake reboot rumored to be in the wo
Posted @ 09:45 GMT 26 Jun 2021
Cutting costs/Quake no longer considered a premium franchise (for lack of a bett
Re: 2021 review of Quake 3 in Russian on
Posted @ 06:05 GMT 23 Jun 2021
Probably still ass hurt over the Crimea affair, the thing that really activates
Re: Angel Munoz 2021 Interview 'Painkill
Posted @ 17:17 GMT 15 Jun 2021
Imagine if he'd come back to [b]e-sports[/b] and re-launch the Cpl with an OSP l
Re: They did something to F1 similar wha
Posted @ 15:20 GMT 6 Jun 2021
Good that we have such stalwart OSP veterans like you to tell us of the glory da
Re: Strenx drunk again KEKW
Posted @ 16:35 GMT 25 May 2021
ESR Extremely Sad Rage
Re: List of Games in 2021 I am looking f
Posted @ 03:15 GMT 3 May 2021
You sound like you are semi-retarded, like this one programmer guy I know who do
Re: List of Games in 2021 I am looking f
Posted @ 10:07 GMT 26 Apr 2021
What computer/video game isn't a time waster? Resident evil is a great series
Re: List of Games in 2021 I am looking f
Posted @ 16:36 GMT 23 Apr 2021
Nier: Replicant Elden Ring Resident Evil: Village That's about it.
Re: Idea to bring back Quake 3 and stabl
Posted @ 14:51 GMT 29 Mar 2021
QC maybe a turd, but god this obsessing over q3 (probably by someone who was lik
Re: Boomer Shooters are booming
Posted @ 07:39 GMT 19 Feb 2021
I have a hard time convincing myself that we'll see another Quake game again. Af
Re: What went wrong?
Posted @ 08:45 GMT 8 Feb 2021
What really boggles my mind is that due to competition mods and enthusiast forum
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