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Steam Trading Card : Need Anarki, offer Visor or Klesk (10 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 03:52 CST, 17 December 2018 - iMsg
Hello guys. I'm on my way to try to complete my 3rd Quake Live badge. Finding matches on SteamTradeMatcher is pretty hard with this game, so I wonder if one of you would be okay to exchange me an Anarki card for one of my spare Visor or Klesk card ?

Good day to you.
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Sarge steam QL trading card (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:45 CDT, 15 July 2018 - iMsg
Hello. I'm in a quest to find a Sarge Steam trading card to complete a QL badge. None of my friends have it and SteamTradeMatcher is of no help because too few people have QL cards I guess. If anyone wants to help me, I'll trade it for another QL card I have in double like Lucy, Grunt or Klesk.

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Esportactu pictures from day 2 (74) (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 02:20 CDT, 21 May 2018 - iMsg
Hello everyone, you can fin d the pictures I took during day 2 here :

Also, a lot of videos have been uploaded since yesterday so check it if you want :
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DREAMHACK 100+ pictures from Quake (7 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 01:55 CDT, 20 May 2018 - iMsg
Hey guys. As promised, here are some pictures I took during the first day of the event. I also started to upload small extract of players... playing but videos take much longer time so you'll have to wait for tonight and the day after to get all of them.

Pictures :

Vidéos :
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Zulua (dRone) and Extatiq (Bethesda CM) itws @ESWC2017 (9 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:24 CST, 13 November 2017 - iMsg
On the very last day of the Quake Champions tournament of the ESWC 2017, Friday the 3rd of November, I had the opportunity to talk with three players but also to ask some questions to two other major personalities of the ESWC QC tournament : France Axel "Zulua" Acquarone and France Louis "Extatiq" Evrard.

Zulua was the official commentator for the ESWC 2017 Quake Champions competition. He is a veteran of the Quake franchise and most of you who played TDM in Quake Live have probably met him in the pickup channel under the nickname of dRone. I wanted to ask him about his background as a player, what he thinks of Quake Champions' gameplay, his new role as a commentator, etc.

The video can be found here : YouTube


Extatiq works for Bethesda France as a Community Manager. He was in charge of the whole competition and stayed around the whole time to talk with people, see how the QC booth was going, etc. The interview is quite short and I had troubles with the microphone (that's why I used written questions in the video), and there were definitely questions I knew I couldn't ask like why there was no English coverage for the event and so on because he wouldn't be "authorized" to explain the reasons behind that publicly for instance. Anyway, I only asked him simple questions about the ESWC 2017 event in particular, what he felt about it, if it was a success in his opinion, and if Bethesda already had plans about next year for European / French competitions.

The video can be found here : YouTube

My other itws from this event : Poland Phaze, Sweden Spart1e, France Nykho

If you feel it's worth it, do not hesitate to follow EsportActu on twitter, facebook even if it's in French because content is sometimes international, and you might follow me on twitter too because I mostly tweet in English when covering events when given the occasion (@Infuscomus).
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GameTribe QC Cup #2 - Results (9 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 05:06 CST, 12 November 2017 - iMsg
Yesterday, there was a competition organized by GameTribe and it seems no one bothered or was able to cover it / put results on ESR / FFF / PF (I myself only did it now for EsportActu) .

So, here it is guys, the GameTribe QC Cup #2 Results :
1. Sweden Spart1e - 100$
2. Ukraine Xron - 40$
3. Poland Karwick - 20$
Full brackets : Challonge

Vod can be found here : ZLive

GameTribe official website.
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BzK Nykho ITW @ESWC 2017 (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:28 CST, 9 November 2017 - iMsg
Quake Champions has seen many veterans going back to the franchise but also the rise of some players coming from other dimensions. This is where France Nicolas "Nykho" Sturla belongs to.

I always enjoy when unknown players, or sub-tops, get a bit of coverage, a share of the spotlights, so it was a pleasure for me to ask Nykho some questions and I hope you will find it entertaining and interesting too because he is definitely willing to keep playing and take part in more competitions in the future.

Nykho had a very close fight against Karwick in the ESWC 2017 group stage, and previously did some honourable performances online too. In this interview, Nykho told us where he comes from, what he felt for his very first Quake international event, his plans for the future and his style as a player.

Here is the video : YouTube

My other itws from this event (more to come) : Poland Phaze, Sweden Spart1e

If you feel it's worth it, do not hesitate to follow EsportActu on twitter, facebook even if it's in French because content is sometimes international, and you might follow me on twitter too because I mostly tweet in English when covering events when given the occasion (@Infuscomus).
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Alliance Spart1e ITW @ESWC 2017 (9 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 05:59 CST, 6 November 2017 - iMsg
As I promised yesterday when publishing the interview with Phaze, here is the small chat I had with Sweden Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira after the grand final of the Quake Champions ESWC 2017 competition.

I asked Spart1e about his performance in the final against United Kingdom GaRpY, what he thought about the ESWC, about Quake Champions, and his plans for the next few months.

Many thanks to him for taking the time to do this interview, and again sorry for my hesitating English.

Here is the video : YouTube

My other itws from this event (more to come) : Poland Phaze

If you feel it's worth it, do not hesitate to follow EsportActu on twitter, facebook even if it's in French because content is sometimes international, and you might follow me on twitter too because I mostly tweet in English when covering events when given the occasion (@Infuscomus).
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Myztro Phaze Interview @ESWC 2017 (4 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:52 CST, 5 November 2017 - iMsg
Hello everybody. As most of you may already know, I was at the Paris Games Week to follow the Quake Champions competition this week. I took many pictures that you'll find in the QC forums but I also did some small videos and especially some interviews.

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule and so on, I couldn't prepare my coverage like a boss, and I only found a microphone on the very last day so I couldn't interview lots of players that I wanted to talk to (mostly sub-tops like Poland Karwick, Poland Pikawa, etc.)

Still, I've had the pleasure to meet Poland Wiktor "Phaze" Skwarczynski from the Myztro Gaming team and ask him some questions.

In this interview, Phaze talked about his background as a player, what he felt for his first tournament @ ESWC 2017, the current state of the game, how he joined Myztro Gaming, etc.

You will find the video here (in English with France French subtitles) : YouTube

This is not the only interview I did. There is one with Sweden Spart1e coming up in the very next hours, as well as others with France Zulua (a.k.a dRone, caster at the event), France Nykho (player that we'll see more of in the future) and also France Extatiq, the Community Manager for Bethesda France.

Please forgive me for any hesitations and mistakes in English during the interview, I'm used to hear, read and write English but it was a very long time I didn't actually speak so it's sloppy. I hope you don't mind too much.

Please do not hesitate to follow EsportActu on twitter, facebook even if it's in French because content is sometimes international, and you might follow me on twitter too (@Infuscomus).
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ESWC 2017 DAY 3 PICTURES (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:08 CDT, 3 November 2017 - iMsg
Here is the link to today's album :

Albums from the previous days :

Day 2 :

Day 1 : and then

Again, sorry some pictures aren't 100%neat, I still wasn't able to fully master the camera and sometimes while I thought the focus was alright I was wrong and the focus was on the background and so on.

It's over now, time for the show in Italy.
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ESWC 2017 Photos from Day 2 (3 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:26 CDT, 2 November 2017 - iMsg
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ESWC 2017 Photos from Day 1 (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 21:23 CDT, 1 November 2017 - iMsg
Hey all. At long last I put the pictures I took today somewhere on the internet. Here they are all gathered :

Fist part :

Second part, because imgur was bugged as fuck and I couldn't find somethign else than making another album :

Bear in mind (c) Best casters ever, that I never touched a camera before and I was quite in a rush so I couldn't prepare myself. So, most picture are okayish but not pixel perfectly neat and I apologize for it.

I also took some small videos but it's taking forever so I'll upload them little by little.

I'd like to do interviews tomorrow but : 1) I don't know if I'll make it to Paris alive, 2) I need to find a microphone to plug in the camera or else we won't hear anything.
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Infuscomus @ ESWC (2 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 09:51 CDT, 31 October 2017 - iMsg
Hello guys. I will be at eswc tomorrow and then on to follow the Quake competition. I intend to try to make lots of pictures, perhaps videos and interviews. Just let me know if you want to see something in particular, know something about players' stuff, or want me to ask specific questions to players and so on.

I will try to do what I can. I will use Twitter I think, so you might want to follow me there (i never use it, i created the account for DH Summer 2012 and I don't think I will use it for something else than LAN coverage or Quake news). I think it's @Infuscomus, with a "bad taste" avatar.
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DH DENVER 2017 - QUAKE CHAMPIONS (182 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 05:06 CDT, 20 October 2017 - iMsg
There is no game in the History of man that has received as much love as Quake Champions on ESReality, and that's why it's a immense pleasure for me to give you a coverage post !

This week-end, tons of players from all around the white world will compete for glory and money (and perhaps, PERHAPS, fun).

Here are some of the basics :

Duel (Groups results / Brackets)

Sacrifice (Brackets)

Stream : Quake Champions (commentary by ZoOt, Ketchup, Makaveli and Jehar)

VODs : Duel, Sacrifice (look all the way down)

Other coverage with brackets, results, etc. : United Kingdom PlusForward, France EsportActu, France FrenchFragFactory
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ESWC and DH Winter Qualifiers Results (12 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:24 CDT, 16 October 2017 - iMsg
We had 4 qualifications this week-end and I propose we share some info on ESreality because everyone loves this game here and it's unfortunate people were too busy to update a little bit of coverage. So, I hereby present you the qualified players from the week-end, those that will have the chance to take part in the ESWC 2017 and DreamHack Winter competitions.

DreamHack Winter AUS / NZ Qualifiers :

Duel (brackets)

1 - Astroboy
2 - Steej

DreamHack Winter CIS Qualifiers :

Duel (brackets)

1 - baSe
2 - Xron

ESWC 2017 / #PGW (Paris Games Week) Qualifiers :

Qualifier #1 (brackets)

2 - baSe
3 - GaRpY

Qualifier #2 (brackets)

1 - Spart1e
2 - agent
3 - Pikawa

VODs : DH Winter Qualis, ESWC 2017 Qualis (commentary in French by Zulua)
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DH Denver qualifications results ? (83 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 13:16 CDT, 24 September 2017 - iMsg
Hey. It's kind of weird that there is absolutely no coverage of the Duel and Sacrifice qualifiers for the DreamHack Denver on ESReality but whatever.

I know Cypher, k1llsen, noctis and syndrom qualified for Europe in Duel and dooi, Sane, ScizR and griffin qualified for NA.

I've seen the results for the sacrifice where apparently in Europe Stacked, Wait4Us and WinRAR Salesmen were the top 3 teams, but what was their roster ?

Also, I saw Spart1e play with WinRAR Salesmen, so, what happenned to Alliance ? Did they didband or was just Spart1e taking the place of someone else, etc.

ESR must deliver !
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Question about RAM setup (6 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 09:59 CDT, 26 August 2017 - iMsg
Hello everyone.

I'm here in need of advices concerning RAM module I have to buy to upgrade a PC.

Basically, this PC now has one 4 Gb RAM installed, and I'd like to upgrade it. The only thing is I don't know if I should buy another 4 gb RAM, or if I can buy a 8 gb module.

I can buy the exact same model, same Hz, same ticks, everything is the same. I think I've always heard that it's not good to put different sized RAM in the same PC, like you absolutely have to make it 4+4, or 2+2, or 8+8, but never 2+4, or 4+8 for instance. Is it true ?

Also, on the motherboard manual, it is said that :

"This motherboard provides four 240-pin DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3) DIMM slots, and supports Dual Channel Memory Technology. For dual channel configuration, you always need to install identical (the same brand, speed, size and chip-type) DDR3 DIMM pair in the slots. In other words, you have to install identical DDR3 DIMM pair in Dual Channel ".

So, basically it seems it is not good if I put the 4 gb RAM and the 8 gb RAM. The Dual Channel memory won't work, but does that mean that the PC won't benefit from 12gb RAM in the end ? Is it bad if Dual Channel Memory isn't used, or is it okay without it if 12gb work ?

Thank you very much in advance if you can enlighten me.
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What stream for ESL Qualifiers ? (11 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:08 CDT, 29 June 2017 - iMsg
Does someone know which stream channels will be used to stream the ESL Qualifiers ? ESL officials, ZLive, etc. ?
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Article in French about Quake Champions (8 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 05:06 CDT, 25 May 2017 - iMsg
Here is a quite long article I've published on Esportactu :

If you are here, you will probably not learn anything about the game and so on, since it's more or less an article aimed at the general readers of the site and non-quakers primarily. Still, I'd be glad if you could share this article on forums or your facebook pages and so on if you like it since I spent some time writing it and it is a good way to make non-quakers learn a lot about the game and the older Quake games.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments there on Esportactu or here if you want.

Thank you in advance.

PS : by the way, I' tried to interview players like Cyber, Madball or more recently prox1mo but they never reply to my mails, but I still want to make interviews of sub-top players.
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Evil retiring ? (47 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:45 CDT, 1 November 2016 - iMsg
There was some hints in the last 125 FPS finale comments that evil would stop playing Quake Live or whatever. What is the story behind these statements ?

If it happens, it would be nice to have some news because this is quite an important event even for such a small gaming community / competition.
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Timers, champions and so on (13 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:35 CDT, 12 August 2016 - iMsg
There is going to be a new Quake, with special abilities for champions, and the return of these damn timers. Man I HATE change, I really do. In almost everything in life. Common feeling I suppose.

Still, I find myself pretty optimistic with the new title for now and I refuse to jump in the hate train for the Quake to come. I see a lot of irony here and there, people are making fun of the game while we didn't see much and compare it to Overwatch, say id are incompetent and they will fuck up the game and so on. I'm almost sure if the game was released today as a free demo like they did with DOOM before the lauchned, we would see a massive amount of downvote on the steam page with comments like "this is no Quake, congratz id you fucked it all", "go and play QL, this is low Overwatch copy", etc.

This would be stupid. And, even if the game happens to be shit and you think it is, I think it would be a bad idea to downvote it and bash it online. If you don't like it, at least ignore it. The way I see it is that, if you like arena games, and the next Quake is going to be the one which has the chance to be advertised massively, then you will ruin everything by downvoting it or hating on it. Because, if a massive amount of people play Quake Champions, they might get interested in other games of the genre such as QL, Reflex, maybe Diabotical, and these games you might find better than Quake Champions will actually benefit from a new popular Quake (if Quake Champions is bad for QL / Reflex lovers, they will stick to QL / Reflex mostly so I'm not sure the games will die).

Long story short, even if I would be the perfect guy to bash this game, I won't do it, and I hope the community gets actually more positive. The game is very early in devlopment, let's try to bring constructive criticism.

Something difficult for Quake Champions will be to satisfy a majority of current players + seduce newcomers. I think a classic mode will be needed to gather everyone in the same place).

Now, if we take the new things we have seen in the trailers and so on, here are some points I'd like to talk about :

Timers :

I am a bad timer, I hate it because I am a noob and I forget everything, etc. Yet, I find it's one of the most important part of Quake. I only discovered timing quite late when I got interested in the competitive scene in 2009 or something. When I played Q3 in solo when I was younger, I think the default setting had no clock so I didn't even think for one second timing was possible. Timing mistakes is what can turn a game, it's an absolutely fantastic skill to master and will make a difference and bring upsets in high level games.

Still, to me, Quake lacks noob teaching and help. The basic game is too rough and it isn't clear to a newcomer what the possibilities are and the imperative things in the game to master (moves, timing, aim). So, I think the timers might actually be a good thing, but not for the high level. I think a ranked timing system could benefit all players and satisfy the oldschoolers like me who think that dumbing down the game with timers is going to far off the Q3 / QL model which has proven to be solid and bring good games for 16 years now.

I suppose the game will have tiers, I hope so at least, so, let's say there are four tiers, I think a system like this would make sense :

Tier 1 : Full timer (with every second visible on top of item)

Tier 2 - Tier 3 : Quarter time timers (like we see in the leaked video I think). Less precise than the first one, to allow more mistake.

Tier 4 : No timers. Players should have learnt the time by this level, or at least understand what timing is about and work on it.

Another thing now, "Champions"

Curiously, I actually have no real problem with special abilities. At first, I thought I'd throw me off the window, but in the end... I find myself quite neutral. To me, these special capabilities are in some way "micro-powerups". There is invisibility powerup in Q3 / QL, there is teleporter (ok not the same way... but still), etc.

The real problem I have with this is that you have to chose a precise champion to have a particular ability. But I hate Ranger ! I don't like Anarki at all ! The most awesome thing in QL was to chose a character you thought had a badass look, or a cool sound. This champion system will force people to use characters they don't like. I'm well aware this is a minor issue though, but I would gladly enjoy the fact that it's possible to chose a special ability with any character. You chose Ranger, but you prefer wallhack, then be it, because it's the capability that changes the game, not the model.

Tell me what you think of all this random rant and propositions. I think we have the time to bring positive things and ideas. I hope Sync or people from id will follow this site a bit because it's an important one for the QL community. We need to open a thread with ideas for monetisation also if it's not the case yet, etc. Game is early in devlopment, this is the moment to try to encourage devlopers and do our best to make them chose a path that is respected by the actual community while not immediately insulting them because they bring "micro-powerups" into the game play.

Also, we got to find a way to make this new game popular in Asia (Russia doesn't count), how come they rule the SC scene in 1v1 but never got into QL 1v1 ? Asia ! And, please consider having multiple language support in the menus (not voices in game and such, not important). To me, it's better if young ones that suck in english can comprehend the description of champions, tutorials for strafe jumps and rocket jumps, etc. because a lot of people have a lack of skill in english and they have to have the maximum of information into the game without having to go on youtube to check of ask things on forums.
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QL to CPM / RFLX movements (16 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:11 CDT, 21 July 2016 - iMsg

I've been playing one or two matches today to see how the game felt now and I must say I was very pleased to see that it was far better than what I experienced previously.

So, I might keep playing more and more, so I'd like to have some advise about the movements. I played the training maps and was pretty successful at the different things, but I have troubles with straight line strafe jumps.

The thing is, I have the habit of keeping the forward key and I often fail completely at air control or violent turns because I'm out of practice so that's a question of time I guess, but when I go straight forward, it seems I slow down. In QL, I have pretty okay strafe, I accelerate a lot, but in Reflex, I do the same but it doesn't work at all.

What is the main habit to lose when switching from QL movements to Reflex one, especially in "normal" strafe move ?

P.S : Also, the game is better than before for me, but I might add that one of its biggest weakness in my opinion, aside the lack of zoom which is less important, is the sound. The sounds are weird, kind of out of place and feeble in my opinion. I hope the dev team will find some better one later when they have the time and opportunity.

PS 2 : No way to force enemy model color ? Everyone was different in the FFA while I thought I checked green for enemies (might only work for teams...)
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classic CTF servers ? (6 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:00 CST, 4 February 2016 - iMsg
I only found one good classic CTF server to add in my favorites and it's often full. Does the mode suffers from a lack of servers or players ? Is there still ctf pickups organized ? It seems there are even less CTF servers than TDM (all empty too).
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Help with steam contacts (1 comment, locked)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 13:39 CDT, 29 October 2015 - iMsg
Hello. I lost all my friend list in the steam change so I'd be happy to recover most of it since it could help me to follow the game properly, ask for interviews, etc.

Basically, I had the contact with some players such as Sev3n, Guismo12, Cyber, Madball, zanZan, ins, zoot, fazz, strenx, l1nkin, winz, Clawz, prox1mo, dem0n, etc.

I will try to search via Steam but if you can help me with some IDs that would be nice. Just send me your id via PM if you were in my flist or if you know someone worth being friend with for competitions / interviews, etc.

Thanks in advance. Don't be afraid, I never spam.
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Steam changelog / hud problem (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 13:51 CDT, 27 October 2015 - iMsg
Hello everyone.

Is there by any chance a changelog with all the changes that have been made to the game for the steam version ?

Also, my custom hud has now life, ammo and armor numbers messed up (the rest seems okay).

Do you know what changed in the new HUDs ?
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Infuscomus in UK for gigs (12 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:03 CDT, 13 September 2015 - iMsg
Some of you probably already know that I play in some bands. I just wanted to say that I'll be playing in the UK on the following dates with Prime Sinister (just check it on youtube / bandcamp), opening for HAWKWIND :

2 october, 02 Academy Oxford, Oxford
3 october, Manchester Academy 1, Manchester (also playing : Ruts DC and Amplifier)
4 october, 02 Academy Bournemouth, Bournemouth

If you like progressive rock and stoner metal and want to come and say hello, just do it :).
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Movements questions (+mouselag ?) (17 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 16:24 CDT, 3 September 2015 - iMsg
Hello. I wandered in some maps this afternoon and a few things struck me concerning Reflex atm.

Since I basically only played QL, I have a lot of trouble to get used to Reflex movements yet. I'm pretty sure I'll get better, since I learnt QL moves I guess it will come with time for reflex, but I got a bit curious about two things I felt were particularly weird.

1) The kind of boost you have when you do a circle jump. I know a circle jump is meant to boost your speed, but I don't know, I have the feeling the boost isn't as smooth as it is in QL. It's like, more violent in a way. Do you feel the same and is it normal, or am I just being tricked by my own perspective ?

2) It seems to be that you can't really jump off the very edge of a platform. When I try to do circle jumps and so on, I end up falling quite a lot of times compared to what I do in QL. Did you have the same problem when you switched from QL to Reflex ? Is there something to know in particular about the jump which differs from a game to another ?

Also, I looked at this video, and I'd like to know if all the things in here are still perfectly doable since it's 9 months old and the guy said it might change. I'd particularly like to know if the stair trick (3m50) and the teleport to mega (5m32) are still doable because I sucked at it at the moment, being uncapable of doing a proper jump + circle jump I guess.
EDIT : It's okay I manage now, was just too slow for CJ.

One last thing. I have the feeling, and that's because it happens actually, that I have a slight mouse lag. Like, I move it pretty far at a certain speed, and I see the cursor is behind my movement. It's particularly noticeable if I use extremely low sens like m_speed 1. My regular sens is m_sens 12.6 and I still notice it.

I've read it could be because of Vsync, but it's off already. So... where could it come from ?

Thanks for your answers.
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zanZan interview by Esportactu (195 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 11:44 CDT, 12 August 2015 - iMsg
After a very long time of inactivity with interviews, France Esportactu is back with an encounter with Sweden zanZan, the mysterious player competing in almost all the duel competitions for more than a year and a half now. Even though she didn't win any competition yet, she was able to perform pretty well against most of the top players in Europe, and even took maps from opponents such as Belarus Cypher, Germany k1llsen or Sweden fazz according to QLRanks.

In this interview, we discussed her overall game approach, her background as a player, the way she sees her own style, the community, and various other questions concerning duel, Aerowalk, etc. As usual, the main idea is to give the community a bit more background about a sub-top player which is part of the competiting scene for a long time while remaining in the dark.

You will also find zanZan's gear informations and her config to download in the beginning of the interview. Also, keep your penises in your pants, as there is no picture included :).

Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu : You have been playing a lot of games, especially Clan Arena (4,4k) and duels (9,3k). What did you like in these two modes that made you play that much ? Was duel a natural choice for you ?

Sweden zanZan : Reason to CA is mainly because I can play with music and not care, but I also tend to hit ridiculous shots in that mode making it quite fun to play. As for duel I have no idea why I am even trying. My patience is too great, and my nerves are catastrophic, so no, it was never natural. [...]

More on Esportactu

Previous Interviews: Norway plaZma, France winz, France Guismo12 (2014), United Kingdom ddk, Russia Latrommi, Australia FraZe, France sev3n, Netherlands baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12 (2012)
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Imaginary teams discussion (32 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 05:01 CDT, 24 July 2015 - iMsg
I was wondering if you could think of teams that would be on par with the current MD line-up.

I'm wondering because l1nkin, winz, zyrinx and tox are extremely strong in all three modes.

Averagers are really good too in the team modes, but they lack a dueller as powerful as toxjq I'd say.

deliberate murder will probably have a hard time in CTF. Is there a russian player, or two, that would have been in the line-up and would have balance things for CTF (while not disturbing the TDM power ofc). Maybe cas ? I'd like to know what russian perfect team you'd come up with.

Breaking the Curse is also very strong in all three modes, they proved they could do good in TDM. It would have been cool to see them against 102 and Averagers.

So, what kind of teams you'd come up with if you had the power to form one and send it to this tri-master competition ?

You can also try to make a national team, that would be interesting. (For France, I have been away from the game for a long time now so I don't really know, but I'd say something like l1nkin, Winz, Analyzer or dRone, and perhaps strenx to be able to compete in duel but he would have to practice a lot of TDM / CTF).
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Infus' in Russia (38 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 03:08 CDT, 3 April 2015 - iMsg
Hello everyone. If everything goes round normally, I should be in Russia by the middle of april until the end of april with one of my band.

I suppose nobody cares about what I do with my life - and you are right if it's the case ! - but I'm posting here because I know some russian read ESR and I might need help for promotion.

If you happen to live in these cities or know some people who live there -> Moscow, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Ufa, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Beloretsk, Tolyatti, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, and you want to help me with advertising on russian social medias / forums, it will be cool.

It's a black metal tour along the Russian band Draugguard, so if you know people who might be interested or places where people who like this kind of music gather on the internet, let me know and I'll PM you with some more details.

Otherwise, if you know cool places to visit in these cities (I won't have much time between gigs and transport but...) please let me know. If you live there and want to come and see me play, it's even better and I'll pay you a drink :p.
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Question to Russians and UKR (cd prices) (17 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:14 CST, 28 February 2015 - iMsg
Hello. There is a possibility I'm going to go to Russia for a tour with one of my band.

I was wondering about the CDs price in Russia. In Europe, we sell our cds 8 or 9 euros, and our tshirts 14. How is it compared to the Russian prices at the moment ?

What price would be an okay price in your opinion ? For instance, what is the price of professional CDs like the ones of Metallica and so on in supermarkets (because we usually sell them cheaper) ?

Also, I might also come in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia later on and possibly in Ukraine. So, baltic states are in euros, but not Ukraine.

Ukrainians, even if your money is probably going to fluctuate until there, what kind of prices in Hryvna would be affordable for a CD or a tshirt ?
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plazma interview by Esportactu (47 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:29 CDT, 21 October 2014 - iMsg
Here we go again with an interview of Norway Kenneth "plazma" Aulie (which was done some time ago, but we were unable to release it sooner due to some busy schedule), the popular Norwegian QuakeLive player and movie-maker, unfortunately eliminated in the first group stage of the 125 FPS October league.

In this interview, we asked plazma about his settings, his carreer, his plans as a player, what he thinks about other modes, etc. As usual, you'll find a link to plazma's config (which is from DHW13).

Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu: How would you qualify your gamestyle ? Has it been influenced by other Quake Live players ?

Norway plazma: Stupid, rash, railonly and idiotic. I think it was fazz who said that I could be a really good player, but I have adhd and downssyndrome (It means I am not calm, and I dont think enough. Plus that I'm not very smart. I'm dumb, in fact. :p). I'm not very clever? As far as influences, I don't know. I can't copy what Cypher, rapha and those guys do, but they are fantastic to watch [...].

More on esportactu
We'll do more interview in the future if players are okay with it. Play more Quake !

Previous Interviews: France Winz, France Guismo12 (2014), United Kingdom ddk, Russia Latrommi, Australia FraZe, France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12 (2012)
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Best sites to find used / new guitars ? (15 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:30 CDT, 6 October 2014 - iMsg
Hey guys. I'm searching for a quite rare guitar (Gibson Flying V Classic White 67 Reissue) and I'd like to know if some of you have advises when it comes to good sites to find new or used guitars.

I've been searching on ebay and most famous French sites but nothing comes (there was one offer, but it's sold already).

Also, if you come across an offer for one of these (made prior to 2009, I need ebony fretboard since I already own a fucking 2012 rosewood bullshit one) I'd be glad to see it :).

Thanks in advance !
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New Hearth changes, and Team scores VO (3 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:50 CDT, 11 September 2014 - iMsg
In the new patch, they say many changes were done to the map, Hearth, like they fixed floating ammo boxes, they added a dropout at GL were they replaced 50 HP bubble by a megahealth, etc.

The thing is, when I play the map in FFA in practice, nothing of it is actually in place...

Am I missing something ?

Also, can someone tell me what is the story with this :

Added Your Team Scores / Enemy Scores in place of Red/Blue unless you're spec.
Removed red/blue scores and rank change (lead taken / lead loss) from Attack & Defend, because these events only occur at the time of other VO playing (flag taken, round over, etc).

I don't see what it does precisely...

PS : If SyncError lurks in here, thanks for the SG damage plum, much better.

EDIT : Ok, problem solved. I had to log with my pro account so that it downloaded everything correctly :).
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Jump pad pulling down feature ? (18 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:02 CDT, 11 September 2014 - iMsg
Hey. Yesterday I fell on a game tip on QL's front page that said you could keep your jump key pressed when you take a jump pad so that it pulls you down quickly when you reach the top of it or something.

I didn't try it because I desactivated the new movement cvars, but did some of you tried it ?

The thing is, I don't think this feature was in the changelog when the last patch came out...

EDIT : Well it seems I've been missing a train or two since I didn't know this feature was implemented a long time ago. At least I have my answer now :).
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How will steam QL account work ? (18 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 09:06 CDT, 29 August 2014 - iMsg
Me again, sorry.

I was wondering if someone had any information as to how the QL account system will work on Steam.

Will our Steam account be directly connected to our QL account - thus allowing us to change our name by changing our Steam nick like one can already do in other games for instance - or will they be independent, making it easy to have multiple accounts like it is now ?

Is QL going to be Steam dependant only or will it still be working as a standalone launcher ?

note : I don't play a lot of games actually so I might be unaware of the multiple options various games offer on Steam...
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Remarks (improvements?) about dmgdisplay (32 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 16:37 CDT, 28 August 2014 - iMsg
This is not a flaming thread, I'm just here to propose a discussion about dmg display.

I played a bit in practice mode and I saw this new thing, the damage display. I found it pretty useless and RPG-style at first and then I thought it was probably meant to give some insight to the players for him to evaluate better the stack of his opponent (may id never implement something to see the enemy life, but who knows what a "modern" fps should be...).

Then, okay, but why did they choose this way of displaying damage when it comes to mg / lg / hmg and especially shotgun.

I think it would be more efficient, and smarter, if dmg would add up. For instance, if you hit 5 pellets with your shotgun, why not display 25 dmg instead of 5 small "5" ?

Same with the mg, lg and so on. The sound is already telling you when you hit, so, if you hit a player with let's say 10 LG cells in a row. Why not display 60 dmg instead of 10x6 ?

I think it could be a better way to display damage. What do you think ? I don't see any point in displaying 10 x 5 when I shoot with the shotgun, I don't have the time to count them all actually since they disappear pretty fast.

Also, I'd like to add that I think this shouldn't be authorised in classic, because classic is supposed to be where you have to master the game and evaluating the enemy stack is an important feature of the game strategy. Thus, facilitating the evaluation might somewhat lower this strategy aspect.
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Winz interview by Esportactu (89 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:55 CDT, 25 August 2014 - iMsg
Hello. Esportactu is glad to present you its last interview with France Michaël "Winz" Bignet, famous for his carreer in UT2k4, Q4 and QL. The interview was mainly motivated by his recent good performance in the 125 FPS August league, where he was able to beat Russia Pavel "pavel" Fomkin in two maps, which no one really expected.

In this interview, we asked Winz about his QuakeCon experience and his return on the duel field, but also about the next Unreal Tournament game, his loan to Russia Sergey "evil" Orekhov in 2013, and the future changes to QuakeLive gameplay. As a bonus, you'll find Winz config and setup at the beginning of the interview.

Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu: Your presence on the duel scene makes me think of your unfriendly relation with strenx, since you could have to play him one day or another. Is the perspective of beating him a source of motivation or does it make no difference ?

France Winz: It would probably have mattered a few years ago. As I said, I have a more casual approach to the game now and this ego war does not move me anymore. Honestly, if we had played at QuakeCon, in the shape I was in, he would probably have beaten me, and I have no problem with that.

More on
We also have an interview with Norway Kenneth "plazma" Aulie, which will be uploaded soon. Play more Quake !

Previous Interviews: France Guismo12 (2014), United Kingdom ddk, Russia Latrommi, Australia FraZe, France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12 (2012)
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Random ideas for the steam release (94 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:21 CDT, 22 August 2014 - iMsg
Okay, the point of this thread is not to discuss the gameplay changes, there are others places for that. I am not part of focus group and have no influence, but I hope SyncError will lurk in here to read at least what I / we say. The thing is, let's try to be positive .

I'd like to bring some ideas as to the beginners experience for the steam release.

First of all, I saw that id implemented some gameplay tip in the new main page design, which I think didn't exist before, and this is a very good thing according to me. Still, this is not enough.

Here is what goes through my mind :

New players need to be introduced to everything step by step.

- The idea of having to fight Crash as an introduction - like it was some years ago when creating a QL account - was okay, but it wasn't effective enough. The two practice levels for strafe jumps and rocket jumps are okay, but I don't remember if there are mini videos for the player to see before he starts the levels. If there are already some videos available (like "click here to see an example") then it's okay. If there are not, it would be a good idea to do so. Actually, I don't know where to find the practice for strafe jumps and rocket jumps with the new design.

- I think it would be cool to make a "weapon training level". Something like small rooms with one weapon only each time, and a fight against a bot or something, along with gameplay tips, so that beginners understand the pros and cons of each weapon. Having the god mode on could be cool. Imagine, you are immortal, there is a door in the room to go through when you are finished with the objective or fed up with the weapon, you just take the weapon in the middle and bots come one by one from somewhere but cannot harm you. Your only concert is to train the weapon. I think this kind of practice would be efficient. The best thing would be to have some awards when finishing the training. I don't know exactly what could be done... but let's say you unlock the Xaero bright models if you go through all weapons rooms, etc.

- Having a timing training arena could also be interesting.

- Now the impossible part I guess... but according to me, QL would benefit from having multiple languages : spanish, russian, german, portuguese, corean, japanese... I already proposed that a long time ago and I remember the reactions weren't really positive ("you only have to know few english words to play in QL", etc.). Well, people may have a point, it's easy to play in QL, but as to understand the gameplay tips and the rest is another thing. I still think younger players would like to have the game in their mother tongue. All big games have multiple language, or am I wrong (I never played LoL) ? I'm not talking about havong new sounds and all in different languages, only the text, the menus, etc. I know I would be okay to translate the game to French for free for instance.

- Perhaps make all modes available for free, but make some of them (I'm thinking of Freeze tag, domination, harvester), unlockable. You play 10 full games of FFA / Duel / CA / CTF, you unlock this, or that, etc., so that beginners don't get lost in tons of modes immediately. In a way, having only certain modes available for free could very much solve the problem too, but maybe having to play to unlock thing could encourage some people, I don't know. I'm not completely sure, just saying.

- Now to make some money, what about having only 5 models available for free accounts, and having the possibility to pay for them for few cents. The idea seems a bit absurd actually, but games like dota and LoL make money with these kind of things (and maybe others but I don't play these games so I'm not in the best position to compare and voice some ideas).

My two cents.What do you think of it, do you have some things to propose ?
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Funny Quakecon ceremony pic (42 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 03:52 CDT, 30 July 2014 - iMsg
Here is a photo I found on Facebook. SyncError's face made me smile so I tried to imagine what was going on in his head.

There are lots of pictures on Facundo Fotografía's Facebook page.
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Why is DaHanG so awesome ? (110 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:54 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
This is just a random thread to say how much DaHanG is an awesome player, because there's not enough DaHanG worship in ESR imo.

- Lives in the USA where the duel scene is supposed to be stale.

- Practices against the same (but skilled) guys all the time.

- Always do good at international events for many years now, placing 3rd, 2nd here and there.

- Impressive skill overall when on form.

- Never heard of him whining or making any drama or excuses, just loses and keeps the frustration for himself.

- Always cool in interviews, seems like a relaxed and humble man, and easy to talk too.

- Has already beaten all tops on LAN, has beaten rapha, evil and Cypher in groupstage this QCON 2014.

- etc.

So, DaHanG, good luck in the final against Cypher and I hope you will keep your calm on the scene ! I like Cypher but I think you deserve a title for your career.

tl;dr = DaHanG <3
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About Putin, french TV and prerekanya (39 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 18:22 CDT, 4 June 2014 - iMsg
Yo. Thought I'd share a bit of French life in here since these forums are browsed by some Russians and this could be interesting.

V. Putin accepted an interview with the most popular french tv channel for its 20h news (TF1) and for a very popular radio (Europe 1).

Let's summarize what French media and "elites" think of V. Putin : He's acting like Hitler in Ukraine, he is a tyrant, he hates gays, he hates women, he passed horrible laws towards gays, he put Pussy Riot in prison, press isn't free in russia and is under total control, etc.

Let's summarize what French people think : some think like the medias, some don't even know who is Valentin Pudding, some think he is a very good president defending the interests of his nation and people, a good counter power to the outrageous USA domination over EU and France particularly, that he represents the good old tradition and manly values, blablabla.

I've been reading through a shitload of French websites comments these last few months and I can say a lot of them are in favor of Putin or at least neutral (he's not good but not Hitler and we should look upon ourselves too, to put it simply).

Let's not forget our own president Hollande is at approximately 20% in polls when it comes to trust and support. It's probably the most despised president of our Vth Republic, and Sarkozy put the bar damn high already (or low...).

About what I wanted to share :

At one point, Putin said something about Hillary Clinton (the journalist remembered him how she said he acted like Hitler in eastern europe) and used the word "prerekanya", which we can hear in the podcast and which apparently means "dispute, wrangle".

Still, the translator of the TV news used the word "debate" (discuss), which lead to the following sentence : "It is better not to debate with women...".

Then we had it, shitloads of tweets and so on, Putin is a horrible mysogynist, blabla. Even a very popular website called Le Figaro used the word "debate" while some other did the good translation of "dispute".

So be it, millions of French heard Putin said "It is better not to debate with women..." and will probably think that's what he meant, and will perhaps don't even give a shit about it.

He could have said it, I wouldn't have minded actually, but this kind of fail is disgusting. I'm pretty sure TF1 will not make any excuse whatsoever. I'm curious to see how it will go from now on with that.

So, here is a transcription of what Putin said :

Can some russians confirm the "preferable not to debate with a woman" is bullshit ? Or was the translator of TF1 right in his translation ?
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Guismo12 interview by Esportactu (23 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 11:10 CDT, 22 March 2014 - iMsg
Hello everybody. Here's another interview from Esportactu featuring France Simon "Guismo12" T., one of the best French player at the moment, to whom we wanted to ask some questions about the NationsCups with the CTF grand final approaching. Guismo12 talks about France defeat against Russia in the TDM final, the current state of the French team and player base, the CTF and CA competitions, and that's about it.

Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu: What’s your opinion about the atmosphere of the event? We know that it's not really the first time bad words are exchanged between l1nkin, winz and the Russians… What do you think of it ?

France Guismo12: It’s part of the show ! No, I’m kidding. Every player has his behavior and nobody likes to lose. Sometimes there are uncalled-for words in those cases, it’s not the best example of fair-play that we could see but well, it’s not that serious. The players know each other well and everything is forgotten :).


Previous Interviews: United Kingdom ddk, Russia Latrommi, Australia FraZe, France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12
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Trouble connecting 2 PCs to a server (7 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 05:36 CST, 25 December 2013 - iMsg
Hey guys, merry Christmas to all.

That being said, I'm trying to create a standard CTF server for about 30 minutes now and it never works.

I thought it was due to a problem with DE servers so I tried other locations but it didn't help. Normally, I have no trouble creating premium servers and the server shows up in about one minute maximum. Now, I'm waiting at least 5 minutes but nothing happens.

So, is anyone able to create a standard server in Germany without any problem ? Am I to wait more ? Anyone experiencing the same problem ?

EDIT : Okay nvm it seems it works, except that I don't see the match when it's done and I get a "request not found" message. Still, I can't join the server... and I'm afraid it's bcause my cousin is already in it (he's at home atm).

Is it impossible to play in a server with someone in the same house than you ?

EDIT 2 [SOLVED] : Pawulon solved my problem. I just changed the /net_port XXXXX number by 1 number and /net_restart, then it was ok. Thx !
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How to play bsp files ? (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 09:41 CST, 8 December 2013 - iMsg
Hello everyone.

A friend of mine is currently working on his first map but I can't figure how to play it.

He didn't make it into a ".pk3" file yet, and he doesn't even know how to do it, but I thought it would be possible to play with the ".bsp" file only.

The Quake 3 Arena version I have installed on my PC is the steam one, and it's the 1.32c apparently. Anyway, in the baseq3 folder I created a "maps" folder where I put the .bsp file of my friend.

Still, in Quake 3 Arena, when I try to call the map using /map [mapname], the game fails to load and tells me he can't find "maps/mapname.bsp" file...

I don't know what's going on, and all the other extra VQ3 maps I have in pk3 (CPMA maps) works perfectly and are available in the skirmish list.

What do I do wrong ? Is the steam version special ? Isn't it possible to play .bsp maps with 1.32c ?
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DDK interview by Esportactu (42 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 14:42 CST, 24 November 2013 - iMsg
Esportactu1 has decided to make another interview due to the approaching DreamHack Winter event. The person we interviewed is United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, the famous FACEIT caster, who also worked at QuakeCon 2013 and who will be casting live at DreamHack Winter 2013.

We wanted to learn more about his personal life, his career as a gamer, but most of all about the FACEIT project. How is it going ? What are the next plans? Are there going to be LAN events? And more. Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu: What can you tell us about FACEIT's future ? New cups ? New scenes across the seas ? Comeback of the former 2nd shoutcaster zoot ?

United Kingdom ddk: Let’s first talk about what FACEIT is, just in case anyone is unfamiliar, we have two divisions that make up what FACEIT is. One is our online platform which is a service for gamers to play competitively and the other is the TV division which is there to entertain and bring coverage of tournaments with our mainstream values. When I say mainstream values, we’re talking about a level of professionalism and quality that is expected in mainstream productions for the purpose of reshaping how esports is perceived.


Learn about everything else concerning FACEIT and even more, like how ddk hooked up with a QuakeCon girl, by reading the full interview on Esportactu. As a bonus, we also implemented some small bonus questions from France FM_, Portugal ins, France l1nkin and France lanf3ust.

1. Esportsfrance changed skin and is now back as Esportactu, as some of you if not most of you may already know.
Previous Interviews: Russia Latrommi, Australia FraZe, France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12
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strenx ESWC interview (QL, Cypher, DH) (11 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 12:02 CDT, 31 October 2013 - iMsg
France strenx gave an interview at ESWC 2013 and talked a bit about quake live and his life. Here is what he said about QL briefly :

- He might stop competitive gaming after Shootmania, depending on his mindset.

- He will probably stop Shootmania after ESWC, and may go to DH.

- Quake will always have a special place in his heart and he'll always play it as a hobby, and even go to event if he can be sponsored to go there. He remains a Quaker above all.

- About Cypher : he considers Cypher a complete genius, respects a lot his carreer and considers him a good friend.

- Apparently, id software have planned to released a QL 2.0, with a different browser, easier access, free-to-play... We might be on something exclusive "on there" :p.

Interview i here, in French :
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Infuscomus playing drums (metal) (43 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 15:26 CDT, 25 October 2013 - iMsg
Lulz, just in case there are some people here that like Black Metal, we (Wyrms) just released our second album not so long ago.

Here are two extracts from this album.

You can find more songs of us on our bandcamp :

I also play in a band called Prime Sinister, it's a stoner / indus band. I joined them this year. You'll find things on YouTube and such, even a "clip" where you can see me :

P.S : Contrary to the Wyrms stuff, I didn't play the drums for this song, Prime Sinister albums are made with drum machine. Besides, I joined the band in February and the album where this track is was already recorded.

Here it is, I guess I'll be trolled to death now, but I thought it could be nice for you to know what I do apart from collecting VODs.

I also have a melodic death band but our first demo isn't mixed yet. This project sounds more like The Black Dahlia Murder / Lamb of God, for those who know...

EDIT : Here are two songs from this project :

Don't forget these three bands have facebook pages, Wyrms, As We Get It and PRIME SINISTER, so feel free to like if you like us. There are some live videos from Wyrms on Youtube also.

Feel free to hate :p.
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What happened to FACEIT Fall2 ? (+bonus) (13 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 15:38 CDT, 21 October 2013 - iMsg

Apparently, the VODs from the FACEIT Fall#2 disappeared, any informations about that ? I did a list last week that worked but now everything is in another castle :).

Bonus info : I'm currently working a lot on the new site, everything takes a lot of time, creating all the competitions, players, etc. profiles + copying every news I did since the last two years (DH, QCON, Zotac, Interviews, blabla). What I can say for now is that it's going to be quite different from esportsfrance but the player profile page system will be very good if we manage to do things properly.

It will be easy to find things even for non french speaking people I guess, via the players (joueurs) list. The players profile page should display every VOD the player appears in, and his ranking in various competitions (only paid ones most of the time) he took part in.

Cool stuff for sub-tops players I guess, having their performances gathered in one place for ever :p.

Work in progress !
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Need help - players info (12 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:32 CDT, 14 October 2013 - iMsg
Hello everybody, I think most of you if not all know that I am a newser for a french website called Esportsfrance, doing interviews, following competitions (not all but the most important ones), etc.

Well, guess what, Esportsfrance is supposed to be shut down, something to do with the sponsor, Oxent I think, details don't matter.

Still, no worries, the staff is going to make a brand new website by ourselves which I cannot reveal at the moment but very soon.

Anyway, what I'd like to do is to have a maximum of information about important players of Quake Live to create players profile pages, really useful to follow players results,etc. By "important" I mean people involved in competitions, duel, TDM, ctf.

These new page will play a crucial role in the new website apparently.

To this day, I already gathered infos and pics from most of the stars, Cypher, rapha, Av3k, DaHanG, strenx, k1llsen, Latrommi, Cooller, pavel_, agent, 421, blablablabla.

I'd be glad if you could help me to find infos for subtop players, I'm thinking of players like etty, bpatela, uaLaskij, Madball, Cyber, Nitrino, rell, nek, zeun, uaReaper, ARSENY_, cnz, rehepapp, frg14, debtorr, purri, maza, plazmaistar, players really active in tdm pickups or famous in TDM (zlc, nightops, gwynplaine, haz_mat, T1E), CTF monsters, and so on...

Basically, what I need is :

First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, if you want, a picture, facebook / twitter links.

Thank you in advance, let's try to make something good to give QL some visibility as much as we can.

You can send pic link via PM if you prefer, the profile pic is quite small, 141px tall.
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FACEIT FALL#2 VODs (9 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 16:10 CDT, 13 October 2013 - iMsg
There was no main post for today's cup... so I post here the link to the VODs with timestamped links :

Belarus Cypher, France Sev3n, Poland Av3k, Russia agent, Sweden Spart1e in here.
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Quakelive country seals / logo (44 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:26 CDT, 4 October 2013 - iMsg
Hey all, I made some cheap (I mean... really cheap) seals with Russian and French signs / flags for some of my news image and I thought it might be cool to start a thread where people would make some themselves with their country emblems, etc.

Bring some serious and also funny stuff, some people (like me) might find it useful for avatars, image boards, news post, blabla.

Here are my contributions :
France1, France2, Russia1, Russia2

Also, inb4 the nazi one :p.
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Latrommi interview by esportsfrance (74 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 15:37 CDT, 3 October 2013 - iMsg
It's been two months since the last Esportsfrance interview and it is now time for more. We thought it would be a good idea to ask some question of none other than Russia Alexander "Latrommi" Dolgov, the rising star of the Russian TDM scene for a year or so now. He has also been victorious two weeks ago of the Prague TDM LAN event with his team 'deliberate murder'.

In this interview, Alexander tells us about his life, his Quake career, which he started as a child, his mouse sensitivity, Prague tournament, opinions on TDM strategy, deliberate murder, and more.
France Esportsfrance: The deliberate murder project seems to be one of the most successful thing that happened to QuakeLive in the recent years. Can you tell us how you joined the team and what you think about what they are doing ?

Russia Latrommi: It was a regular Russian #tdmpickup draft, the first one for me. At that time, I had already gain a lot of experience from Russian TDM pickups and my main objective was to beat somebody from 102. Like me, they were also captains, so we just randomly picked up some players and started to play. As far as I remember, there were about 14 teams or so. I dont want to go into details, but during this competition I won mt_CTAPOCTA, 421 and the last match was against pavel_, where I won his team by 1 epic frag (Dreadful Place). All games were streamed by cooke and green, so on the next day they invited me to join the clan...

Read the full interview on Esportsfrance. Alexander was kind enough to put his duel and TDM configs to our disposal, you will find it at the beginning of the interview. Also, a bonus picture at the very end of it...

Links: Interview
Previous Interviews: Australia FraZe, France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12
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PRAGUE TDM VODS (3 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 12:27 CDT, 21 September 2013 - iMsg
Hello, just in case someone is interested and missed my comment in the Prague TDM news, here are all the VODs I could gather from both streams :

Unfortunately, some matches are unavailable from the very beginning but that's very few of them, in these case I couldn't find a stream where it starts from the beginning. Feel free to correct me if you find it.

Thanks you.
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Kiev and Ukraine as a tourist (24 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:16 CDT, 6 August 2013 - iMsg
Hello, I'll be visiting Kiev with my brother from the 20th of August to the 25.

Because there are some Ukrainians on ESReality, I wanted to know what they would advise me to do when being in Kiev ? Also, what should I expect if I don't speak a single word of Russian or Ukrainian ? I'll try to learn some until then but there will be no miracle.

Also, if you want to have some drinks with us one night, feel free to say so I'd be glad to meet some people.

4395 Hits
Quakecon 2013 VODs (8 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:34 CDT, 2 August 2013 - iMsg
I guess the QCon VODs are going to be cut and uploaded on YTube maybe, still, I sorted out everything already for ESFR and you'll find here the links to my VODs pages (i use timestamps).

I try to put everything, groups, brackets and interviews.

Duel :

CA : (United States of America socrates interview is in here)
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Quakecon tournaments shedule ? (13 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:36 CDT, 31 July 2013 - iMsg
Can someone explain me how I am supposed to find the tournaments shedule on the QuakeCon website ? I find everything but the competitions...

I'm in need of any information about it so that I can write something ok in my news.
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FraZe interview by Esportsfrance (58 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 09:09 CDT, 23 July 2013 - iMsg
Hello everyone. EsportsFrance is back with another interview. This time, we wanted and had the opportunity to talk with Australia Frazer "FraZe" Hockley, the Oceanic superstar who did very well this winter in the European scene while staying in the United Kingdom.

In this interview, EsportsFrance asked FraZe about his trip to Europe last winter, the European scene, the Australian scene, his play style, his gear, his girlfriend, his plans with QuakeLive for the future, CTF, TDM... and some more stuff.

Here is an extract of the interview:
France EsportsFrance: It seems that you play CTF regularly, is it something that you are going to play as seriously as duel, or is it just occasionally? What about TDM?

Australia FraZe: Well we have seasonal CTF and TDM comps here so i do play both during the year. I prefer TDM personaly but enjoy CTF too. Whilst i was in Europe i was playing TDM quite a bit more than i do here though however, as i had quite a few guys message me to play, especially when i first arrived I was lucky enough to have x1ks ask me to play with the polish boys, and I had a lot of fun playing with those guys, although it was a bit different to playing here as being from Australia, im used to everyone on quake being able to speak next to perfect English, and not randomly start speaking in any other language I cant understand...

Read the full interview on EsportsFrance. You'll also find two treasures in the interview: a picture of FraZe's girlfriend and his config file at the end of the ITW. EsportsFrance would like to thank FraZe for his answers, pictures and config.

Previous Interviews: France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12
Links: FraZe interview
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HUD score alignment (8 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:49 CDT, 17 July 2013 - iMsg
Hey everybody. I use a customized HUD and with the last update my score are completely messed up. The score system I used is based on the official large HUD of QuakeLive but I don't know where to find it to copy the new codes and also get the Race elements added to my HUD while I'm at it.

Can someone tell me how I can get the official huds files ?
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SQF duel cup VODs (4 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:38 CDT, 18 May 2013 - iMsg
Hey everybody. The SQD Fuel Cup #1 is now over and Guismo12 took the win against dem0n in a great double bo3 series. I encourage you to watch the grand final because it was really entertaining. Guismo12 gave an impressive railgun show, versus a somewhat weird dem0n launching good rockets but failing a lot with rails.

Unfortunately, strenx and Sev3n forfeited the competition early. That cup also allowed us to discover Yojji, the algerian player that performed pretty good.

Find all the matches VODs with timestamped links here :
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SQF Duel #1 thursday and friday night (67 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 15:42 CDT, 15 May 2013 - iMsg
A duel competition organised by the French player and streamer France Lanf3ust will take place this Thursday and Friday at 21h CEST. The French Quake veteran France ZergSpirit has been helping in the organisation and will be casting along with lanf3ust on the aAa TV.

The competition is sponsored by the great France Madrigal, who brought 400 $ to the event. The competition will be played with a double elimination bracket system.

Let's see who is the best dueller from France and French speaking Belgium !

Streams : France, United Kingdom ZooT
Links : Brackets, mIRC
Notable signups : France strenx, France Sev3n, France Guismo12, Belgium dem0n
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Faceit Winter 2013 VODs (2 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:18 CDT, 8 April 2013 - iMsg
Just in case you want to see (or re-see) some games and you forgot to check the comments of the thread of the competition, I sorted all games by with timestamps :

You are welcome.
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Sev3n interview by Esportsfrance (29 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:13 CST, 25 February 2013 - iMsg
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I made an interview but here I am again. This time, I wanted to ask some questions to France Laurent "Sev3n" B. He has been doing pretty well in the lasts FACEIT cups and has acquired a good amount of points for the FACEIT Winter Cup. He's already beat players like Germany twister, Russia agent or Russia pavel_. Yesterday, he even eliminated Russia evil in the round of 8 of the FACEIT#21 in a close match.

Sev3n is quite an UFO in the French QuakeLive scene and I thought it was a good occasion to ask him where he comes from, what are his goals with QuakeLive, what equipment is he using, what did he think of his game with Belarus Cypher, and some other stuff.

Here is an extract of the interview :
Esportsfrance : When did you decide to play online competitions ? Did you feel a change in your game that gave you some kind of confidence to fight against the best players or did you go simply to test yourself ?

France Sev3n : When I started duel on QuakeLive, I had no plan to play competitively. I was playing for fun, mainly with my friends. I had no ambition to become a strong player or to challenge the best ones. Nevertheless, I recently found out that I got better in many aspects of the game and I wasn't satisfied with a casual play anymore. Approximately three months ago, I decided to play some online competitions (faceit).

Read the full interview on Esportsfrance. You will also find a link to Sev3n's config at the end of it.

You can also check old interviews: Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12.
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strenx's song on stream (28 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 03:50 CST, 4 February 2013 - iMsg
strenx posted a link on facebook of one of his stream video where he is with his GF improvising a song about Quake at the piano. Found it pretty funny with his weird accent and it's really strenx-like so...

Here it is :
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Need help with twitch links (4 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 19:27 CST, 2 February 2013 - iMsg
Hello everyone.

I came across a weird problem that I hadn't had to face before.

I'm trying to make a link to the France - Croatie TDM match, which starts at 1h45m27s approximately on the video because it's after the Germany - Russia match.

What I did is that I added "?t=1h45m27s" after the video. Still, when I click on the link, the video starts from the beginning.

The thing is, that didn't happen with the Germany - Russia match wich I modified to add "?t=57m41s".

I tried different combinations for the FRA - HRV match, not using hours (105m27s), etc. but none seemed to work.

What am I doing wrong ? I remember I used these kind of shortcuts a lot in the past and it always worked....

Links :



Thank you.
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About CTF Strategy / positions / items (29 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 17:41 CST, 16 January 2013 - iMsg
Hello everyone.

I found myself surprinsingly pleased by playing CTF these last days and I was wondering if I could gather some advice here from other players.

Basically, I'd like to know about the basics of CTF (pickups or regular matches), and especially the difference between 4v4 and 5v5.

The last CTF I played where 5v5 and I admit it gave me a better feel than the 4v4 I have played previously.

Anyway, since I'm not at all experienced with CTF paths and because I fail regularly at RJ / strafe jumps (I eat walls sometimes), I thought I'd concentrate on the defensive / middle position for now.

I don't know anything about the mid player, and I got told once that 4v4 didn't need a mid player anyway. If you want to give me some feedback about this, that would be cool.

Here is what I try to do when I play in defense in public matches :

I try to take the nearest yellow from the base. I let all other armors for others. I take MH if I see nobody took it for a while (I wonder if the good teams generally let the attacker take it or if it's considered more a defensive item). I never take the powerup, but I can go to help my team to get it from time to time (which sometimes let the base without defense...). I tend to let medkits to other when there are some on the maps.

So, is this complete bullshit or did I do something okay at least ?

Perhaps all these things doesn't matter after all and everyone takes whatever is before them but I'm not sure ^^.

Thank you.
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MS Intellipoint and mouse polling rate (13 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 15:45 CST, 9 January 2013 - iMsg
Hey all.

A long time ago I posted on QuakeLive forums and on Microsoft Forums a thread about the intellipoint drivers and the mouse polling rate.

My point was that setting the polling rate for a WMO or any other Microsoft mice was a pain in the ass while the Intellipoint driver is doing its job pretty good and the Microsoft mice are pretty popular among gamers.

Before you read further (if you intend to do so) , take into consideration that I have absolutely no clue about how polling rate, drivers and company business work, thus my thoughts on these matters might be full of stupidity.

I was wondering why the intellipoint drivers didn't offer such a service (modify the polling rate) when all gaming mouse brands like Razer or Steelseries do.

Is it so difficult to do ? Aren't microsoft aware that their mice have actually some success in the gaming community, which could grow stronger and stronger with time and then bring up some more money ?

I know the WMO is pretty popular here. So, ESR dudes, what can we do in order to contact Microsoft about this matter ? I'm really motivated to do whatever I can, even if it means making some calls, going into a Microsoft building in my country if there's one, etc.

Also, I'd like to know how many of you have or had a microsoft mouse and the model. It might be a good start to see how popular these mice are.
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WMO's right clic died (and other things) (3 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 14:50 CST, 2 January 2013 - iMsg
Hey all. A somewhat useless thread to tell you that I had to replace my WMO#1 by a WMO#2 tonight. I still have WMO#3 and WMO#4 if bad things happen with this one.

Anyway, what happenned is that my right clic suddenly died. I don't know why, I didn't give a particular shock or whatnot (hi rapha). I decided to dissect the mouse in order to see if I could see what caused the problem but I found nothing. It's probably the right clic receptor that died since everything was in place, clean and apparently working ok.

Did one of you already encountered a similar problem with a WMO or an other mouse ? Do you know if there is something that can be done to try to make it work again ?

Anyway, I had this mouse for 2 years and a half. I think it's a decent time considering the price.

All hail WMOs !

Oh, and the new feeling seems odd. I have the impression the mouse is faster but I think it's probably all in my head, what do you think ? Do you have troubles adapting to a new mouse after a long period of using the same mouse ?
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Request TDM pickups demos / advises (10 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:08 CST, 12 November 2012 - iMsg
Hi all. After a break of some months I started to play QuakeLive again the other day. I play TDM pickups mostly because that's one of my favourite mode and because I don't have the balls to duel.

Anyway, strangely enough my game didn't decrease so much (I wasn't good so it couldn't really go lower) and I think I even improve in certain aspects of the game.

Still, I often make huge mistakes and even if it's not as frequent as it was in the past, I end up sometimes with a -15 net score or even worse. I think it's due to a lack of skill for some fights (I eat a lot of direct rockets) but also to a lack of good positionning and team awareness.

In order to improve, I'd like to ask some good players I often see in pickups like dibbe_, 421, oldsplatterhands (or whatever your name is now), czm, noctis (only saw him once), analyzer and all those I forget, to record one or two pickups game and give me a link in the comments of that thread if possible.

Also, any advise you can think of when it comes to positionning (is it important to keep a position for the whole match, what do when respawning, etc.) and team awareness (is it important to stick with teamates often, etc.) is welcome.
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Baksteen interview by Esportsfrance (97 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:14 CST, 5 November 2012 - iMsg
Hello everyone. Here is an interview with Netherlands Baksteen I did last week. The interview covers many questions, his career, his duel progression, the Adroits LAN and his future in QuakeLive. Some questions have already been answered in the previous Baksteen interview by Germany twister - I didn't see that interview before I did mine actually...

Esportsfrance: Do you think there is room for young players - like you or lukelawlz for instance - to reach the top 4 ? Will Cypher, rapha, Av3k or k1llsen always be on the top if they keep playing ?
Baksteen: I don't think they will, beside the fact they're getting older and won't peak anymore, even they make mistakes, so if new players train really hard, and find some new style to counter the old pro's, they can be defeated. I think burnedd was one of those players, but unfortunately he went inactive.

Read the full interview on Esportsfrance.
You can also check my others interview if you didn't already. dem0n, Guismo12.
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QL Competitions and kickstarters ? (38 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 04:34 CDT, 8 August 2012 - iMsg

First of all, I'd like to know what regular paid competitions remain for QuakeLive. I only knew Zotac, and I heard about that russian cup with money but I have no news of it. I'd like to write an article about the real state of the esport scene (that means only competitions with money involved, maybe price lots). Let's imagine QuakeLive continues with 3 Lans a years, basically QCon and two DreamHacks, what other competitions are there to maintain a semi-professional scene nowadays ? (no need to mention Adroits, I know about it, or UGC since it's a ghost for now).

Second point, rapha and some other people have already been talking about the possibility for the audience (us) to give some money to boost or create cashprices for competitions. While that idea may seem crazy, I think I would give a small amount of money, like maximum 5 euros, to help a competition with cashprice. If we can't rely on sponsors and on id software (I mean, the guys are probably working hard to get good stuff coming but at the moment that didn't pay off), but we want QuakeLive to remain in the professional scene, then perhaps we should do these kind of things. Imagine a monthly competition, 500 people give 1 euro. That's a 300 / 150 / 50 cashprice for the first three players (or whatever distribution).

I think 3 or 4 big lan events aren't good enough to keep the hype, we need regular competitions like Zotac with money to keep the game afloat.

TL,DR : Would you give small amount of money regularly to help maintain a competitive "professional" scene for QuakeLive ?

P.S : I don't even think it would be a disaster if QuakeLive was no more a esport game. I mean, I would still enjoy the game as much, I don't earn money with it anyway so that downfall doesn't really touch me. The thing is, QuakeLive is, according to me, the best fast FPS we have now as far as gameplay and show for the spectators and I like to see very good players compete.
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twister by Esportsfrance. (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:30 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
twister by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3419 Hits
Weird by Esportsfrance (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:30 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Weird by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3025 Hits
tony by Esportsfrance (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:29 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
tony by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3079 Hits
rapha by Esportsfrance (playing) (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:29 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
4451 Hits
rapha by Esportsfrance (booth) (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:28 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3163 Hits
rapha by Esportsfrance (victory) (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:28 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
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rapha by Esportsfrance (post final) (5 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:27 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.

itw on stage after the final matches.
4025 Hits
pavel_ by Esportsfrance (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:27 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
pavel_ by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3166 Hits
evil by Esportsfrance (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:26 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
evil by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3512 Hits
DaHanG by Esportsfrance (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:26 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
DaHanG by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
7740 Hits
Cypher by Esportsfrance (playing) (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:25 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Cypher by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.

Playing while group stages.
6081 Hits
Cypher by Esportsfrance (booth) (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:25 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Cypher by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.

In the booth on stage.
2765 Hits
Cypher by Esportsfrance (itw post final) (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:24 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Cypher by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.

Itw after the final matches.
2901 Hits
cooke by Esportsfrance (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:23 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
cooke by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
3331 Hits
a1r-r41d by Esportsfrance (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:22 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
a1r-r41d by Esportsfrance, thanks daycay@esfr.
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rapha and his check (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:11 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha and his check
2684 Hits
Cypher and his check (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:09 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Cypher and his check
2876 Hits
QuakeLive's stage 2 (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:06 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
QuakeLive's stage right before the finals.
2805 Hits
QuakeLive's stage (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:04 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
QuakeLive's stage
3504 Hits
rapha itw 4 (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:02 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha interview on scene before the match.
3165 Hits
rapha itw 3 (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 08:00 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha interview on scene before the match.
2799 Hits
rapha itw 2 (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:58 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha interview on scene before the match.
3116 Hits
rapha itw 1 (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:56 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha interview on scene before the match.
3075 Hits
Cypher in booth (1 comment)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:54 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Cypher in booth
3400 Hits
rapha in booth 2 (3 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:53 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha in booth 2
4170 Hits
rapha in booth (6 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:50 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha in booth warming up
5637 Hits
rapha's WMO (45 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:49 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha's WMO
19641 Hits
rapha's booth (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:48 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
rapha's booth
4186 Hits
mousestar (No comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:45 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
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