Hello. I wandered in some maps this afternoon and a few things struck me concerning Reflex atm.

Since I basically only played QL, I have a lot of trouble to get used to Reflex movements yet. I'm pretty sure I'll get better, since I learnt QL moves I guess it will come with time for reflex, but I got a bit curious about two things I felt were particularly weird.

1) The kind of boost you have when you do a circle jump. I know a circle jump is meant to boost your speed, but I don't know, I have the feeling the boost isn't as smooth as it is in QL. It's like, more violent in a way. Do you feel the same and is it normal, or am I just being tricked by my own perspective ?

2) It seems to be that you can't really jump off the very edge of a platform. When I try to do circle jumps and so on, I end up falling quite a lot of times compared to what I do in QL. Did you have the same problem when you switched from QL to Reflex ? Is there something to know in particular about the jump which differs from a game to another ?

Also, I looked at this video, and I'd like to know if all the things in here are still perfectly doable since it's 9 months old and the guy said it might change. I'd particularly like to know if the stair trick (3m50) and the teleport to mega (5m32) are still doable because I sucked at it at the moment, being uncapable of doing a proper jump + circle jump I guess.
EDIT : It's okay I manage now, was just too slow for CJ.

One last thing. I have the feeling, and that's because it happens actually, that I have a slight mouse lag. Like, I move it pretty far at a certain speed, and I see the cursor is behind my movement. It's particularly noticeable if I use extremely low sens like m_speed 1. My regular sens is m_sens 12.6 and I still notice it.

I've read it could be because of Vsync, but it's off already. So... where could it come from ?

Thanks for your answers.