Hey all. At long last I put the pictures I took today somewhere on the internet. Here they are all gathered :

Fist part : https://imgur.com/a/D8tag

Second part, because imgur was bugged as fuck and I couldn't find somethign else than making another album : https://imgur.com/a/QVWdY

Bear in mind (c) Best casters ever, that I never touched a camera before and I was quite in a rush so I couldn't prepare myself. So, most picture are okayish but not pixel perfectly neat and I apologize for it.

I also took some small videos but it's taking forever so I'll upload them little by little.

I'd like to do interviews tomorrow but : 1) I don't know if I'll make it to Paris alive, 2) I need to find a microphone to plug in the camera or else we won't hear anything.