Hello everybody. As most of you may already know, I was at the Paris Games Week to follow the Quake Champions competition this week. I took many pictures that you'll find in the QC forums but I also did some small videos and especially some interviews.

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule and so on, I couldn't prepare my coverage like a boss, and I only found a microphone on the very last day so I couldn't interview lots of players that I wanted to talk to (mostly sub-tops like Poland Karwick, Poland Pikawa, etc.)

Still, I've had the pleasure to meet Poland Wiktor "Phaze" Skwarczynski from the Myztro Gaming team and ask him some questions.

In this interview, Phaze talked about his background as a player, what he felt for his first tournament @ ESWC 2017, the current state of the game, how he joined Myztro Gaming, etc.

You will find the video here (in English with France French subtitles) : YouTube

This is not the only interview I did. There is one with Sweden Spart1e coming up in the very next hours, as well as others with France Zulua (a.k.a dRone, caster at the event), France Nykho (player that we'll see more of in the future) and also France Extatiq, the Community Manager for Bethesda France.

Please forgive me for any hesitations and mistakes in English during the interview, I'm used to hear, read and write English but it was a very long time I didn't actually speak so it's sloppy. I hope you don't mind too much.

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