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Legends of Gaming | DOOM 3 (3 comments)
Posted by xou @ 16:04 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
"Legends of Gaming kicks off with a 4-player Doom 3 deathmatch, featuring Lui Calibre, Syndicate, TmarTn and Jovenshire." You're welcome
Edited by xou at 16:05 CDT, 12 October 2015
Some NES titles on my channel (4 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 18:11 CDT, 11 October 2015 - iMsg
Having a few days off and apparently the weather will be bad so no bikey-bikey on the twisties, figured I could fire up some old NES titles and show the world how incredibly bad I am at them. Decided to go with Contra first, played a few runs yesterday - managed to get to the end with one continu
Edited by Teen Queen at 00:35 CDT, 12 October 2015
Press 1 if you want me back (46 comments)
Posted by ZhuMusic @ 10:25 CDT, 6 October 2015 - iMsg I am reborn

Thought todays' shooting was bad? (28 comments)
Posted by G.I. Bonesy @ 01:05 CDT, 2 October 2015 - iMsg
Shooter is half-black/mixed race. Once this became public knowledge, cnn, msnbc, huffingtonpost, dailykos, and all liberal news organizations are sweeping under the rug his "race", and saying instead he was a deranged person. if the shooter was white, don lemon on cnn, and others would b

All time best movie endings (55 comments)
Posted by butcher_kgp @ 00:16 CDT, 30 September 2015 - iMsg
This is my list so far, please add more in the thread. The Thing (1982) Usual Suspects (1995) Fight Club (1999) Memories of Murder (2003) Layer Cake (2004) Inception (2010)
Edited by butcher_kgp at 00:22 CDT, 30 September 2015
Dreamhack Winter (23 comments)
Posted by ZhuMusic @ 18:35 CDT, 28 September 2015 - iMsg
I will be at Dreamhack Winter competing in Super Smash Brothers melee. holla at me if you're there

Quake is ... (61 comments)
Posted by quake is potat @ 18:34 CDT, 23 September 2015 - iMsg
I feel I should change my nick. What is quake?
Edited by quake is potat at 18:35 CDT, 23 September 2015
Free today: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (16 comments)
Posted by kapca @ 00:02 CDT, 16 September 2015 - iMsg
It's free on Steam today. I personally did not like it very much, but it's still a "Overwhelmingly Positive (9,559 reviews)" game, so don't mind my opinion. edit: It's over!
Edited by kapca at 00:16 CDT, 17 September 2015
New haircut + beard (56 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 11:23 CDT, 15 September 2015 - iMsg
what you guys think ? Gay ? Ugly ? Okish ? [img1] [img2]
Edited by He4rTL3sS at 11:23 CDT, 15 September 2015
ulbe please (9 comments)
Posted by Lam @ 15:35 CDT, 14 September 2015 - iMsg

MMA (7 comments)
Posted by comrade @ 16:25 CDT, 13 September 2015 - iMsg
commentator totally inappropriate and should be fired.
Edited by comrade at 11:51 CDT, 14 September 2015
What makes roads safer? legalization (15 comments)
Posted by G.I. Bonesy @ 15:04 CDT, 13 September 2015 - iMsg
Since Colorado voters legalized pot in 2012, prohibition supporters have warned that recreational marijuana will lead to a scourge of “drugged drivers” on the state’s roads. They often point out that when the state legalized medical marijuana in 2001, there was a surge in drivers found to have smoke

\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/O\o/ (21 comments)
Posted by filo @ 09:02 CDT, 9 September 2015 - iMsg
Look at the posting editor box and you will see icon for links and formating look look, no hassle: i will go sdojhndasgjšsoFJ DFDSF and italics YOUT UTBUE LINK IS LIKE paste! UNBOLIVABLE!
Edited by filo at 09:05 CDT, 9 September 2015
God Morgon Sverige (18 comments)
Posted by memph1s_ @ 07:57 CDT, 8 September 2015 - iMsg
Hej ESR. I have moved to Sweden for studies+work. I don't know if it's a permanent move yet; I've only been here two weeks and things have been positive, the long term seems clearer so long as I save some money. I wonder if the winter months will change my opinion. I've actua

Refugee Crisis = FAIL. (539 comments)
Posted by Jamerio @ 05:59 CDT, 5 September 2015 - iMsg
So Europe, you're taking on a bunch of muslim refugees, mostly from parts of the world which blames you for destabilising them. Do you honestly believe that every single one of them will forever be grateful for what you did for them and never turn on you, link up with other extremist elemen
Edited by Jamerio at 08:03 CDT, 5 September 2015
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