Apart from the standard diaries by Carmac and Daishi, ESReaity will have journals written by team captains and players. You will be able to find links to every one on this page of the coverage article.

  • Scoop's Journal - Our favourite whiner Scoop is here with us in Poitiers on behalf of a German TV station. Learn about everything from his point of view in his ESWC journal.

  • DJ Wheat offers his perspective on the tournament: Carmac told me I would be banned from ESR for life if I did not do some sort of journal for ESWC 2004. Since ESR is essentially my life blood (believe it or not bitches!), I could not refuse.

  • CZM summarises the last few days - CS, UT2K4, holes in walls, etc, etc.

  • Sujoy writes seventeen pages about his time here so far: What with watching matches, trying to charge my camera battery and Tequila gold, it's been a while before I managed to write my first ESWC journal. I might have waiting a little longer except I've been getting dirty looks from Carmac, although that might be because I keep playing some of my MMORPG game every time I sat down at a PC.
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