Tuesday is more or less over so I might as well write about everything that's happened to me so far and if we happen to play some silly prank on someone in the night again I will add it to tomorrow's journal I guess. Naturally, I had breakfast with raccoon and lexx in the very morning. The Latvian was completely oblivious of what had went on during the night - he woke up clean and without any suspicions. We came back to the player hotel area and I finally found my hotel room.

Afterwards, we went to check out what the venue looked like. The tournaments are played in different buildings, there is a separate area for WC3, one for CS and CS.fe, one for PES and one for the remaining FPS games. We caught up with the Americans and went wandering about the vicinity. Along the way we found Sujoy and Daishi who joined me, raccoon and lexx in our trip to the press room. Initially, the English were not really interested in following us but they changed their minds when they found out what lexx was in for (he hadn't opened his notebook by then). I have to say, his facial expression was priceless!

Most of the day, I mean until the opening ceremony, was quite boring. The players were obviously practising. PK and UT2k4 have 8 computers each, so the practice runs in turns and so will the tournament, apparently. I haven't really counted the Q3 machines and never dared set my foot on CS soil (although the girls are a lot nicer than last year). One thing that's interesting is the fact that Fatal1ty came to ESWC with three computers and a training partner (the other American PK player) and they were lanning in Fat's hotel room all day. I am in for some games with djwheat for UT2004. The first ZeRo4 mouse weight is on stake against my zulgpad dusty edit (the one that Fatal1ty was offered last year). It's gonna be an interesting game I guess.

I have been watching some UT2004 players at their game. Naturally, some natural disaster stopped Shaggy from coming. I have to say that I saw a log from IRC which basically said: 'Shag, ain't you supposed to be in France?' 'Dunno, am I?' No comment I guess. Shaggy was replaced with Spawn from France. Anyway, I have to say I am greatly impressed by the way Forrest is playing. He's got one of the highest sensitivities in the competition but it does not hurt his aiming one bit. Burnie is an aiming machine as well but I haven't seen a lot from him. Oh, and of course infinite (who weared the 'Carmac owns me t-shirt) is saying he's gonna win the tournament despite only having played 10 practice games before the event (and I do mean in total). I suppose the kid's wasting GGL's money...

In the afternoon we saw the opening ceremony. I have to say that it started off really well but got a little tedious somewhere towards the middle. The big screen seems a little bit smaller than last year (it was in a different theatre) but it's definitely got a sharper image. We have seen speeches by many imporant people and some tournament draws as well. You will be able to check them out elsewhere so I am not going to make any comment on that. After the opening ceremony we have had a huge 700-people picture taken and then went to have fun at the free bar.

The evening was crowned with the opening game for CS between the defending champions Adrenaline and the American revelation Team Stomping Grounds. I was sitting next to cha0ticz who was explaining to me exactly what is going on. I have to say that watching CS can be interesting, especially that it was an overtime game. TSG won that one. I am alone now in the press area, the Quake players have gone to play some holdem with Sujoy (ZeRo4 slept almost throughout the whole CS game and only woke up for the Q3 Masters tournament draw).

The gains of the day: I got Potti to agree for a video interview (plus socrates, Cooller and SteLam earlier) and I have my football team ready: ZeRo4, socrates, raccoon, Sujoy, stermy, Element, Carmac (maybe I actually forgot someone I drafted?). We're gonna own Ligarena hard. So, until tomorrow I guess - I'll go to the hotel room and eat the Haribo jellies GitzZz brought me and after that I'll try to chill out with someone for a while I guess. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day.
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