The games are becoming thin on the ground again, with just the Quake 3 places to be decided, along with the Warcraft 3 third place playoff.

Painkiller has already finished, with two of the favourites fighting it out on the outdoor stage. This stage is the same one used for last night's music concert, with space for literally thousands to watch the games. I suspect we won't quite reach those numbers this evening, but it'll be fun to watch in a new environment... Who thought that Quake and fresh air could mix?

Anyway, VoO took home the Painkiller title, despite Stermy taking the second map to the final ten seconds. Fatality lost to Dr.m0erser to take fourth, though the prize money is the same as third anyway (minus the huge cheque though).

The Stomping Grounds had a rather miserable CS day today. Trailing 11-1 after their T round on Dust2, they managed to take it back to 12-11 as CT... Then lost on Spixel's eco round, as they saved for one final push. They then got thumped by the Russian SK-conquerors,, who lost to Titans by quite a wide margin too.

Therefore, you've got to look at Titans from Denmark as the favourites for the CS, which is the final game played at ESWC 2004, tomorrow at 7pm CET.

The Warcraft saw split semi finals - Sweden vs Sweden and Korea vs Korea. MaDFrog came out ahead of Heman, whilst Sweet lost to FoV. As to who's going to win this... I have absolutely no idea. It should be fun though.

Carmac has already discussed the UT2K4 semi finals elsewhere. Just to clear things up, the prize for 3rd and 4th are the same, so deciding to share the position is purely cosmetic.

I have no idea about form in the CS females tournament, because they keep on playing games before the scheduled times. As a result, I've missed them all, despite even actively trying to watch some of them. Hopefully the game tomorrow at midday can't be changed though, as it's the showcase match between the Brazilian Ladies.amd, and the Danish All 4 One. I have no idea what happened in their group at stage 2, but the results are listed as 1-1 ties between them.... As the CS area is so far away from the other games, not to mention those scheduling problems, it's really quite hard to work out what's going on without spending all day there. And that'd be boring.

As I mentioned, last night was the electronic music concert. We missed the start due to the CS, then I caught some French Breakbeat. It was pretty good, some female vocals over mostly just the beat... Better than the suspicious African-themed French music that followed. Leaving to meet people at the hotel at that point, in order to return for Laurent Garnier at 00:30, so ended up stopping short by the restaurant where we have the nightly 'chill-out' parties.

As I'm sure people are aware, Infinite has been annoying people all week long, and it wasn't very surprising that when he tried to do it again where we were sat outside, the increasingly drunk recipients took offence. First there was a shouting match with Prodx, followed by Jay (the UK Q3 captain) walking up to him and slugging him in the face. Seperation, a few shouts etc, a couple more punches from other people, and sense returns. There were rumours last night that the Russian Q3 team would be thrown out due to their part in some of this, though nothing has come of that to my knowledge. As Infinite staged this show in front of the GGL CEO, you'd have to imagine he won't be coming to this kind of event again. I've heard people say he's banned from the park, and is in here, but hiding from security guards or something.... But that sounds rather melodramatic for me to believe it. Suffice to say, noone is going to be really upset about his fate, whatever the eventuality.

Laurent Garnier was quite good afterwards though! Shame I only packed t-shirts, or I'd have stayed to the end. Time for me to go and check out the Q3 playoffs, I think....

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