Whilst the Q3 games are so far going to form - Sweden first, UK second in their group, with the second group games currently underway, there have been quite a few upsets elsewhere.

Lauke's win over Forrest in the first big-stage game of the day was predicted by some, but most money was on the Italian. With Forrest unable to take advantage of his early dominance on the first map, followed by strangely aggressive play on the second, Lauke makes an already tough group impossible to predict.

Group 2 in the Counter-Strike has been interesting - SK lost their first game vs one of France's hopes, The Factory. Ocrana picked up their only win vs the same Factory team, with the Spanish team eu4ia taking third in the group, Factory only placing second due to inferior round difference.

You can find all the results on the French version of the ESWC site, along with the schedules. As you can see, most of today's games are finished in the main CS event, but we have one more on the big stage in 90 minutes.

USA vs France is the final staged series today, kicking off at 9pm. Then we have to go and play Poker again. Last night we sat outside the venue for the party - it looked kind of like an indoor sports arena to me, with a bad consisting of a table and a fridge containing beer. The DJ was mostly spinning disco tracks, but a few people ventured onto the dancefloor by the end of the day....

Unfortunately for us, the lights outside the place went out after 30 minutes of poker, forcing us to carry the table a couple hundred meters to a nearby hotel car park, where we played by one of the street lamps.

Oh yes, the CS females tournamnt starts in half an hour, and apparently the Chinese team beat the UK male team (Wolf) in practice... With some close groups, we should have a few interesting games there as well.
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