Monday was quite interesting I guess. ESWC-wise I mean. And that's even considering that I reached the Futuroscope part at midnight. I spent most of the day with Benny waiting for sunscorcher to pick us up and we ended up leaving Paris at 20.00 CET. The trip to the venue was quite nicem but as I mentioned, we were on the spot and 24.00.

As expected, the tournament will be taking place inside the Futuroscope park this time. There will be two stages, one on top of the big pool of water (you might remember the water show pictures from last year) and the other is an indoors threatre, very similar to last year's stage in the Congress Palace. Apparently, different games' tournaments are played in different locations of the park. An average ESReality user will be relieved to find, though, that Q3, UT2k4 and PK are all in the same hall. Unfortunately, our CS coverage might be hindered by the accident that involved zr0, sizah, if-22 and Memetic. zr0 was going to cover CS for ESReality this year, but at the moment we're more concerned about his health than the tournament.

All the players are in the same hotels as last year, I managed to catch up with the Americans. I was amazed to see socrates with an uNkind-element kind of hairstyle. I can't help laughing every time I see the guy. I met infinite and the other American UT players. The kid is the most annoying and obnoxious person I have met in my life! I met a lot of other people, stermy, SteLam, prodx, zulg, you name them... Because I was misinformed at the reception desk, I couldn't actually find my hotel room and ended up thinking that Daishi was playing poker with Sujoy somewhere instead of waiting in the room for me. This left me hanging out with the Q3 crew and I can't really say I regretted it.

Apparently, wheat organised a speed beer drinking contest and socrates was owning everyone at it. The kid's really unbelievable. I think that tonight's debauchery should feature vodka and Jay (socrates) seems as confident as with beer about it. He's lucky there are not many Polish around (and I don't drink). At about 3 am we got tired and I decided to crash in raccoon and lexx's room (the c58 guy). I have to say that the moment we came to the hotel was the beginning of the night (no, not in this sense).

Lexx fell asleep in the middle of a conversation so we decided that we would take the liberty of smothering him with toothpaste (how very mature of us). Then we put scraps of toilet paper all over him, then we tied his legs to the bed, then we took pictures. Then we did more stuff and did more pictures. And because he didn't really feel like waking up whatever we did, we decided that in the end we would remove all the bondage off him and then clean him up. Of course, he did not wake up. Raccoon then uploaded the very nicest picture onto lexx's notebook desktop. I bet he'll be really glad to find out what he went through over the night. (raccoon should post a gallery quite soon!)

On Tuesday an opening ceremony awaits us an opening match, and the first ESReality Uncut 2 interviews. Meanwhile, I am drafting my football team to hopefully kick Ligarena's ass. So far ZeRo4, socrates, stermy and raccoon agreed to play. If they all are half as good in football as they are in games we should have no trouble beating the newbie French.
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