On Sunday we had some UT2004 action and, of course, the WC3 and CS finals. The UT2004 finale was played on the outdoor stage. It was the anticipated GitzZz – Burnie game. I did not watch it where it was played, I chose to shoutcast it with djwheat instead in the booth. We were thwarted by all sorts of problems there (UTV sucks!). It has to be said, wheat really does know how to do his job well. He handles the shoutcast extremely well and it was a real pleasure to do it with him (hopefully I was not too much of a pain for him too).

The game started off quite well for GitzZz, he took Ironic but I am not sure if that was the GitzZz we saw in the games vs Lauke. The score was not really an indication of that. Then Roughinery – strong play from Burnie and not really the same GitzZz as yesterday. Map for Burnie. Then we had a wonderful lag on UTV and saw nothing until the game was pretty much in Burnie’s hands.

Well deserved for the underdog, but I left with the feeling Christian was not really on top of his game on Sunday. I sure hope that Burnie will prove me wrong and win the ESo3 tournament (if he gets invited!!!) in at least the same fashion as he did at ESWC. It has to be said, GitzZz was a very good sport. He was smiling and only a little disappointed. Gotta love that attitude.

I saw the WC3 final but did not really know what was going on so I’ll skip, only mentioning that MadFrog lost and the Korean guy won. Then there was the CS final, which was actually staged on two stages. The game was played indoors but the feed was broadcast to the outdoor stage. In total, I would estimate it had around 2,000 people watching it live, perhaps more than that. The game itself was boring, I had to be woken up by zulg and then I had to wake him up in return. The Danish Titans won and that’s about it.

Oh, almost forgot. After beating wheat in UT2004, ZeRo4 offered to avenge Marcus. I gladly accepted the challenge. We went to the UT2004 area in the very morning and played a few rounds. I left with Z4’s allsop and John left with the dusty edition zulgpad (the one that was offered to Fatal1ty last year). I won’t tell you what the scores were because it’s none of your business :). Now I am a proud owner of the ZeRo4 wireweight and his own allsop pad!

We all came back to the hotel, packed up and went to the goodbye party. Unlike last year, the drinks were not free, everyone got a ticket for a glass of punch (which, I hear, was terrible). Everyone was enjoying their last moments of this vacation. I made lots of new friends here, and so did everyone else. I was a bit sad to leave. Can’t regret one second of being there ;( ……….
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