My ESWC Moments

10. th0r getting angry. I am watching zulg play his game vs Mburr and the French favourite th0r hits his fist against the table and leaves the player area furious after losing his first game. Now I know the tournament has really begun. The air gets dense here…

9. morfez loses the deciding map in the game vs. Belarus in group play. The Russian team spirit gets shattered at that moment and at the same time there is a question for the Swedish and US teams: do we want to lose now? A second place in the group meant Belarus in the semi final now…

8. GitzZz’s magic. Lauke played a sound game versus GitzZz. He really did, but the German sometimes pulled off unbelievable stuff. To be honest I don’t remember being flabbergasted while watching a game of UT2kX. This was my first time.

7. Another moment at ESWC was 8’30” long. It was called the Burnie-Forrest game’s overtime on Ironic in the second group stage. Longest and most exciting overtime of the tournament.

6. Vo0’s moment of triumph. Right before the last map’s countdown the kid’s heart was pumping harder than the heart of anyone else in France at that moment. When the countdown stopped, it was really nice to watch Vo0’s overwhelming and spontaneous joy. A priceless moment.

5. ZeRo4 vs Cooller. This pair always produces matches that leave us jawdropped. Each game between Z4 and the Russian is almost treated as if it was a world championship game. This time around they did not fail to entertain as well, it was a thrilling 15 minutes, but the ending is getting boring already.

4. SteLam getting knocked out. The German is one of the nicest people you would ever meet at a gaming event like this. And a very good player as well, of course. He was doing extremely well in the beginning of the tournament and in the second group stage he needed a map from Fatal1ty to kick him out of the tournament and go to the semi final. Everyone in front of the plasma screen watched the second map and regretted that his adventure with ESWC was being ended by the American machine.

3. The 1/8 of the CS tournament seemed to have more weight than the final between the Titans and Spixel. The Russians were cheerful as if they had just won the grand final and the SK players looked as if they never knew what hit them. Something like after Greece’s goal in the final of Euro2004.

2. Aerowalk drawn as the third map of the Q3 final. It was one of the moments that will stay in my memory for a long time. When zarkof pulled the map out of the bowl and read it, the Swedes were saltant and the Americans seemed almost devastated. The pick meant that someone from the US side had to play a map he hardly knew against fox who was an even match for czm himself on the map…

1. The Brazilian girls after the CS female final. The CS compo was won by the Danish All 4 One team. I didn’t even see the game but I saw the Brazilians twenty minutes after it ended. They were still crying after the loss. It was a truly heartbreaking moment.
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