Quake 3

Were Ligarena’s seeds for Quake 3 right? Sure they were! Most definitely, the two beat teams out there were Sweden and USA. Russia and Belarus were not on par really but still better than the rest of the teams. We have had a very interesting competition, we saw a mandatory Cooller – ZeRo4 game and to top that, the oh-so-spineshivering final!

Man of the Tournament: United States of America czm

The US captain is definitely the player of the event. He won all his maps and every US player claimed he was THE man of the team. Czm was a near sure win on every map, America’s wildcard in the moment of crisis and he did not break under pressure. Mad props to him for playing possibly the best ztn game of all time.

Surprise of the Tournament: Russia Russia

I don’t think anything surprised me that much in this event. Nothing aside of the weak performance of the Russian team. With uNkind out of shape and the other two players not really on par with the captain, Cooller had the right to be angry. He was the only one who did not lose on any map for Russia in the tournament, and he beat ZeRo4 too. It looks like at the Russian tournaments the domestic competition gives Anton trouble only because he does not prepare that much for them.

Worst Luck of the Tournamnet: Netherlands if-22 and United States of America socrates

The news about the accident struck us on the second day we were in Poitiers. Terrible bad luck for Lemmy and big props for him for getting there and playing with his finger broken and neck in a collar.

The other unlucky guy was Jay ‘socrates’ Sylka. He was set to play ZTN for America and… the map was never drawn for them. Jason was lucky to have played one T4 game for ZeRo4, otherwise he would have ended ESWC with an empty sheet. When the first ZTN was drawn for America it was a moment of crisis, when czm had to step in… Big shame, a good and entertaining player Jay is!

Highlight of the Tournament: Sweden Sweden vs United States of America USA

I could easily say that the ESWC final is the best final I have seen in my life. Hitchcock would not have come up with a better script. America got the worst map picks possible and despite that gave Sweden an extremely tough run. Czm beat the unstoppable Z4muZ on ztn and when everyone thought the US were well back on track… Aerowalk! Goodness, a dreadful moment for the Americans. Then the fox-ZeRo4 game… Wow… Unforgettable.
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