Unreal Tournament 2004

GitzZz, Lauke, th0r, Forrest. Anyone else in the picture? Maybe. After all, the tournament here was one of the most star-packed events for UT ever. We had many well-established stars of the community here and some fairly new faces. In the end, the favourites seemed to have choked and the PPP Burnie won everything.

Man of the Tournament: Germany Burnie

The kid comes in and wins his first event of that big a calibre. And most importantly, he beats everyone, including the WCG gold medallist, with no map losses all the way to the final. If that is not impressive, I do not know what is. Oh, and did I mention he beat the living UT legend GitzZz as well? The win was definitely not undeserved. It will be interesting to see how well Burnie does in the future.

Surprise of the Tournament: Germany Burnie

Nothing was really extremely surprising in this competition. I would say Shaggy’s not showing up could be one thing. Another could be the run of the man who replaced him – Spawn, who beat zulg, th0r and Mburr. Or th0r’s unexpectedly bad performance. But I think I will just go with Burnie – his win was by no means a shock but the style was by fat the most surprising here.

Worst Luck of the Tournament: Netherlands Lauke and Italy Forrest

In the semi finals the matches were supposed to be: Burnie vs GitzZz and Lauke vs Forrest. All four players wanted it to be otherwise so they wanted to fix their last group matches. In the end, the semi final pairs were drawn completely randomly and the favourites of the second group stage met each other again in the knockout stage.

Highlight of the Tournament: Germany GitzZz vs Netherlands Lauke on Ironic

I do not remember being as impressed by a UT player as by GitzZz just during the Lauke-GitzZz games on Ironic. The German showed some unbelievable action. All you can do is just see it, there is no other way. And if you’re into watching demos anyway, the first Forrest-Burnie Ironic demo is a must!
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