View Coverage: ESWC 2004
Organiser: LigArena
Location: Futuroscope, Poitiers, France
Duration: 6 Jul 2004 to 11 Jul 2004

IRC: #esworldcup

The Grand Final of the second edition of the Electronic Sports World Cup will take place from Tuesday 6th July to Sunday 11th July 2004 at the Futuroscope, France. During six days of competitions, concerts and parties, competitors will battle for more than $200.000 cash prizes. The Event will be open to the public and will take place inside the Futuroscope. Several Pavilions of the Park will be converted into gaming areas and a covered amphitheatre will accommodate several matches daily. A large outdoor stage will hold every night thrilling matches and finals during an outstanding show dedicated to e-sports.

The Electronic Sports World Cup will feature three official competitions:

• « Counter-Strike » on PC played in 5 on 5
• « Warcraft 3 » on PC played in 1 on 1
• « Pro Evolution Soccer 3 » on Playstation 2 played in 1 on 1

These competitions will involve national preliminaries all around the world from February to June 2004. The winners of these preliminaries will earn their trip for the Grand Final.

Beside the various animations, concerts and parties, three “Masters” tournaments will be organized, including :

• Masters « Counter-Strike Female » on PC played in 5 on 5.
• Masters « Quake III Arena » on PC played using a special system.

Additional information concerning the “Masters” tournaments, the third game, the competition formats, and the participation mode will be released soon.

The global presentation of the ESWC 2004, including national preliminaries, partners, and schedules will be introduced during the official press conference in early February in Paris. Information will be published on