Update 3: The VoD of the show is now available.

Update 4: The winners of the 3 competitions are now known.

The very last Playday of the ESL-TV QL Invitational sponsored by Razer will take place this Thursday. Only one out of the 4 players will be able to compete with Sweden LLL*fox, Austria noctis and Sweden spart1e on the 3rd of August for the Finals.

The four contenders for 100€ in this Playday #4 will be Germany k1llsen, Lithuania GaB|GUard, Belarus srs/rzr/cypher France [aAa] link1n and Germany YYT|calipt. As usual the show hosted by United Kingdom 2GD and United Kingdom Joe will start at 12:00 CDT.

Also, you can now vote in polls on ESR to give the r_picmip and cg_fov you would like ESL-TV to use for QuakeLive's streaming!

Show streaming: ESL-TV, Alternative host - Premium is only available on ESL-TV's website.
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