Today seems about a good time to release more informations about the ESL-TV QL Invitational sponsored by Razer. First the schedule has been altered due to the new default update day for QuakeLive being Tuesday, so the shows are now planned on Mondays and Thursdays.

Also the players list will now feature 14 direct invitations and 2 qualifiers. These qualifications will take place during the first introductory show and will be followed by an exhibition match between Poland av3k and Italy Stermy. Unfortunately the Italian player won't be able to play in the tournament because of the changes in our schedule.

Last but not least, it was planned to use the same rules as the incoming QuakeCon duel tournament in order to prepare the European players who will be attending. But after some serious thinking, we decided to stick with the default European map list.

ESL-TV - Razer - mIRC #esl-tv.ql