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Re: Quake Live North American Duel Cup #
Posted @ 21:26 GMT 30 Mar 2016
Eh I'm sitting out this week. I'm playing in the last one before playoffs.
Re: FACEIT Summer Season Cup #7
Posted @ 14:25 GMT 2 Sep 2013
The low turnout was probably because of the fact that it was Labor Day weekend h
Re: Rapha changed his player model
Posted @ 19:32 GMT 26 Aug 2013
I change my model quite often, I just tend to use sarge at tourneys. Get bored w
Re: Quakecon 2013 Configs
Posted @ 02:17 GMT 16 Aug 2013
I figured hey I'd give it a shot to try what I used to use back around 2009 befo
Re: Quakecon 2013 Configs
Posted @ 19:51 GMT 15 Aug 2013
I changed my sens and accel some because I used to use in_mouse 2 but I changed
Re: Interview with Rapha: Not retiring
Posted @ 20:52 GMT 6 Aug 2013
Re: NA FRAG OPEN Tournament
Posted @ 17:23 GMT 13 Jul 2013
Yea would be good to know :o
Re: Feedback on Cure
Posted @ 19:38 GMT 18 Jun 2013
I personally don't agree with some statements about reducing the lg ammo boxes.
Re: FACEIT Sunday Spring Cup EU #10 & NA
Posted @ 01:33 GMT 17 Jun 2013
Actually I first saw this done by slugor who's from Canada. Once I realized it's
Re: Regarding the Guard stream debacle
Posted @ 19:42 GMT 29 May 2013
Tbh this should be a non issue. I think at this point no player has the right to
Re: Rapha -vs- id_
Posted @ 00:08 GMT 8 May 2013
Yea was my first game on it.
Re: IPL5 Groups, Rosters, Prizes, Schedu
Posted @ 17:11 GMT 16 Nov 2012
Just to clarify this, yes I did happen to make that suggestion when at PAX. But
Re: Should Freecam be banned in CA?
Posted @ 23:52 GMT 29 Aug 2012
If I remember correctly, in RA3 you could view freecam as well as seeing enemy p
Re: The last ZOTAC QL Duel Cup
Posted @ 16:42 GMT 27 Jul 2012
I also stated that the viewers on the stream if they donated $1 that we'd have e
Re: Bloodrun spawns opinion
Posted @ 23:25 GMT 10 May 2012
You're not the only one to think this but I dunno where people have gotten the m
Re: FSTV: Rapha v Strenx Lost World Anal
Posted @ 18:49 GMT 30 Sep 2011
The first rocket was to hopefully hit him on his way to 50h since he was screami
Re: Rapha caught cheating
Posted @ 23:13 GMT 9 Sep 2011
Ha ;D
Re: Autumn Duel League Cup #1
Posted @ 05:10 GMT 29 Aug 2011
Rarely going to have internet for the next 2-3 weeks, can't make any promises.
Re: Autumn Duel League Cup #1
Posted @ 01:59 GMT 29 Aug 2011
Guess I didn't look over the list enough, yes dismemberment is decent. As far as
Re: Autumn Duel League Cup #1
Posted @ 19:07 GMT 28 Aug 2011
I say swap solid out with almost lost(or even trinity if you REALLY want to go o
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