Razer and ESL TV are proud to join forces and announce their first ever QuakeLive invitational tournament. Both parties are passionate and fully committed to putting Quake back on the eSports map, starting with our first Live broadcast on the 14th July 2009. Our invitational is destined be the most intense and competitive online tournament since the birth of QuakeLive.

Sixteen of the finest European players will battle it out over three weeks to determine who has the discipline, ambition and reactions to be crowned the champion of the ESL TV QuakeLive Invitational. The stakes will be high with 1000 Euro of prize money on the line.

Furthermore, to signify appreciation to the eSports community Razer will be unleashing 500 Euros of top-notch gaming equipment for the spectators watching live on ESL TV. Want to improve your game with the latest mouse or headset? Each week simply tune in to the stream over at ESL TV and leave your comments! We'll be asking you to guess the winner or predict who might land the first frag... or whatever other crazy ideas we come up with.

13 of the 16 confirmed players are:
Poland srs/rzr/av3k - serious-gaming.com
Poland SK|bodzo - SK-gaming.com
Belarus srs/rzr/cypher - serious-gaming.com
Germany broken`calipt - broken-gaming
Germany k1llsen - machtext.de
Germany mTw|smoke - mortalteamwork.de - annulation source
Sweden spart1e
Sweden LLL*foxlowlandlions.com
United Kingdom dignitas/GaRpYTeam-dignitas.org
United Kingdom dignitas/HELLTeam-dignitas.org
Austria noctis
Italy Stermystermy.com
Netherlands [R]draven - reason-gaming.net

note: final invite list still subject to change.

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